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  1. Alright Me And My Friend Are Starting A Car Audio Club Kinda Thing And We Need Some Ideas For The Stickers And Names.

    Designs WOuld Be Much Appreciated.

    We Cant Think Of Much

    Heres A Pic Of His Truck.

    Dont Mind The Date



  2. Alright So My Girl Said She Wants A System For Her SUV.

    She Knows All About My 15 " FI BTL and How Loud It Is Because Ive Explained To Her And Showed Her Videos Of What It Can Do When Strapped With A SAZ 3000D

    She Said She Doesnt Want Anything That Loud But I Want To Get Her Something Good And No Sony, Kicker, Or Walmart Chirt lmao.

    I Dont Know Weather to go with 10's or 12's But She SPECIFICALLY said NOOOOo big box

    so im thinking 10's

    Its Going In A Ford Explorer 2 Door.

    My +Questions For Everyone Is What Should I Go With ?

    1. Nightshades

    2. FI ( Non Expensive Models )

    3. SSA

    4. Other (If So What Brand )