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  1. Ohh Ive Done It On Windows XP 2000

    Try Going Into Start > Control Panel > Network Connections >

    You Will See Some Computer Icons With one Or More With An X through it.

    Mess Around With The Ones That Have An X Through It.

    When You Right Click On Them There Will Be An Option To Bridge Connections.

    Once You Succesfully Bridge Connections An Icon With 2 Computers Next To Eachother Will Apear.

    If There Is No Red X Through Them And The Screens Are Alternating Blue Then It Should Work.

    Now Its Time To Connect Your Ethernet Cable From Your Ethernet Connection To Your Xbox 360

    Now Start Up Your 360 And Run The Network Connections Test.

    Hope This Helped :smileysex:

  2. Well I Got Comcast Internet And There Pretty Reliable.

    I Got A Wireless Internet Thoughout My House And The Way I Have Everything Hooked Up Is As Follows.

    1. Ethernet Cable Comes In And Goes To The Router Which Sends Wireless Signals Throughout The House

    2. My Computer ( HP Dual 3800 Core, 3 Gig Of Ram) pickes Up The Wirless Signals With A Wirlsess Card.

    3. I Bridged The Connection And Connected An Ethernet Cable To My Xbox From My Computer.

    4. My Xbox Recieves Internet And Xbox Live Is Running :P

  3. So The Other Day I Got On My 360 And Decited To Play Some Call Of Dudy World At War.

    I Was Playing The Zombie Mod With 4 Other People In My Party.

    It Was Working Fine With No Problems And Then About 10-15 Minuetes In It Started To Lag Really Bad.

    Then It Froze For About 2 Seconds And Kicked Me Off.

    I Get A Message Saying "There Is Not Enough People To Continue Playing"

    Then It Kicks Me Off Xbox Live And I Have To Go Back To The 360 Dashboard To Do A Network Connection Test In Order To Sign On To Xbox Live Again.

    Does Anyone Know What Is Causing This And How i Can Fix This ?

    Hope To Fix This As Soon As I Can :)


  4. I already have a 15 bl i jus dont knw anybody that has a spl meter and the stores i do knw charge 20 dollars jus to meter it... but thanx for the info

    To me that would be well spent $20

    I Say take it in and get it metered ;)

  5. Hi Everyone ive been looking and looking for an FI Audio wallpaper for my computer desktop and

    i cant seem to find one :(

    could anyone help me out ?

    Or Make me one

    Much gratitude if you can


    BTW i have a BTL 15 in case you wanted to throw that in there

    But really idc how it looks

    I Just want Something FI :)

  6. I looked At The Website And It Says The Efficiency Rating For 1 ohm Stable Is 77 %

    So 1440 X .77 = 1108 Watts RMS

    Thats How Much The Amp Puts Out Safely At 1 Ohm Stable

    Hope This Helped

    If You Have Any More Questions Id Be Glad To Help.