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  1. nice! looks like you need more power now lol!! jk! I love that box! how is it for room? like is it comfortable to sit in the seat still?

    I Had a 3000D Strapped to it at 2 ohms,

    It was Clipping Around 3/4 power so in the video i was running it around 1/2 power.

    As for the seats they are somewhat comfortable.

    Definatly not for anyone tall tho.

    seats had to be moved foward a bit.

  2. Here are some songs along with what hz they hit.

    Thought you guys would enjoy.






    Artist: 20 fingers

    Song: Lick It

    Freq: 48-51-53hz

    Artist: 3 6 Mafia

    Song: Prophet Possee

    Freq: 37-40hz (it takes 50 seconds for the bass to start hitting)

    Song: Late Night Tip

    Freq: 43-40-37-34-32hz

    Artist: A Perfect Circle

    Song: Lullaby

    Freq: Starts at 27, then jumps around the 27-40hz range, then settls down at 29-40hz, it jumps around the frequencies a lot

    Artist: Aaliyah

    Song: Try Again

    Freq: 53-40hz (Gets all the way down to 40hz for some .2 seconds)

    Artist: Ace of Base

    Song: The Sign

    Freq: 45-51hz

    Song: Waiting for Magic [Total Remix 7"]


    Artist: Akon

    Song: Belly Dancer (Bananza)

    Freq: 40-43-51hz

    Song: I Wanna "Love" You

    Freq: 37-48hz

    Artist: Baby D ft Intoxicated

    Song: Slammin Cadillac Doors

    Freq: 45hz

    Artist: Beyonce

    Song: Deja Vu

    Freq: 51-59-48-45-43hz

    Song: Irreplaceable

    Freq: 57-53-51-40hz

    Song: Ring the Alarm

    Freq: 45-48hz

    Song: Upgrade U


    Artist: Blaque

    Song: Bring it all to me


    Artist: Boys II Men

    Song: 4 Seasons


    Song: I'll Make Love To You

    Freq: 51-57-64hz

    Song: On Bended Knee

    Freq: 37-40hz

    Song: Water Runs Dry

    Freq: 52-62-67-75hz

    Artist: Brian Adams

    Song: Here I Am

    Freq: 51, then goes down to 37 at times

    Artist: Buck Cherry

    Song: Crazy Bitch

    Freq: 40-43-45-48hz

    Artist: Bun B

    Song: Bun

    Freq: 43hz, 30hz

    it first starts out at 43hz....and has the 30hz bass like every couple seconds. The longer note peaks at 43hz

    Artist: Busta Rhymes

    Song: Touch It

    Freq: 43-45-48-51hz

    Song: Touch It (Remix)


    Artist: Camrom

    Song: Killa Cam

    Freq: 41hz, 51hz, 61hz, 92hz

    Artist: Chamillionaire

    Song: Ridin Dirty (Remix)

    Freq: 48-51-57-59hz

    Artist: Ciara

    Song: Goodies

    Freq: 51-53hz

    Artist: Daddy Yankee

    Song: Rompe (G-unit Remix)

    Freq: Starts with 40hz, then music is at 37-40-43-45hz

    Artist: David Banner

    Song: Play

    Freq: 40-37-51hz

    Artist: Dem franchise boys

    Song: Black Tee

    Freq: 27-29-32-34

    Song: Ridin Rims

    Freq: ~38hz, 57hz, 74hz

    Artist: DJ Billy E/The Mekanik

    Song: Bass Mechanic

    Freq:51-53hz, hits 40hz for half second

    Artist: DJ billy-e

    Song: beatz 4 my van

    Freq: 31hz (low note), 42hz (high note)

    Artist: DJ Unk

    Song: Back it up

    Freq: 34-37-40-43hz

    Artist: DMX

    Song: Trina Moe

    Freq: 45-48hz (just the beginng thump)

    Artist: Do or Die

    Song: Do You

    Freq: 51-48-40hz

    Artist: E-40

    Song: Im Da Man

    Freq: peaks at 42hz

    Song: U and ****

    Freq: 40-43-45hz

    Artist: Eamon

    Song: Fuck It

    Freq: 37-45hz (the part b4 the chorus where he says "i wanna let you know how i feel")

    Artist: Eminem

    Song: Kill You

    Freq: 67-59hz

    Song: Shake That

    Freq: 37-40-43-45hz

    Artist: Fat Joe

    Song: Lean Back

    Freq: 48-51-53hz

    Artist: Gorilla Zoe

    Song: Hood Nigga

    Freq: 53hz

    Freq:37-40-32-29-27hz (29hz is the more constant note)

    Song: Money Man

    Freq: 36hz, 42hz

    Artist: Gorrilaz

    Song: El Manana

    Freq: 48-51hz

    Song: Clint Eastwood

    Freq: 37-40-51hz

    Artist: Gucci Mane

    Song: Hold That Thought

    Freq: 32-34-37hz

    Song: Pyrex Pot

    Freq: 41hz, 54hz, 83hz

    Song: Thats My Hood

    Freq: ~41hz

    Song: Trap House

    Freq: 39hz, 60hz, 77hz

    Artist: Huey

    Song: Pop, Lock and Drop it

    Freq: 53-51-48-45-40hz

    Artist: Janet Jackson

    Song: All Night (Dont Stop)

    Freq: 34-40-37-32hz

    Song: Someone to call my lover (remix)

    Freq: 29-34-37-40-45-48hz

    Artist: Jermain Dupri

    Song: Welcome to Atlanta (Coast to Coast Remix)

    Freq: 51-45-40-48-37hz

    Artist: Jibby

    Song: King Kong

    Freq: 32-35-45-48-50hz

    Artist: Jody Breezy

    Song: Dippin'

    Freq: 51-48hz

    Artist: Justin Timberlake

    Song: My Love

    Freq: 51-43-40hz

    Artist: K-doe AKA K-deezy

    Song: In My Hood

    Freq: 48-45hz

    Artist: Lil Jon

    Song: Act a fool


    Song: Bitch

    Freq: 45-48-51-53hz

    Song: BME Click

    Freq: 45-43-37-32hz

    Song: Get Low

    Freq: 32-34-37-40hz

    Song: Snap ya Fingers

    Freq: 37-40-43hz

    Song: What You Gonna Do

    Freq: 57hz at beginning then gets down to 43-40-37hz

    Artist: Lil Scrappy

    Song: Money in the bank

    Freq: 43hz

    Artist: Lil' Wayne

    Song: Go DJ

    Freq: 65, 42hz

    Song: I Feel Like Dying

    Freq: 44hz

    Song: Stunnin like my daddy


    Artist: Lil' Wyte

    Song: Get High to This

    Freq: 37-40-48-51-57-67hz (37hz stays kinda constant)

    Song: Hoods Run Down.

    Freq: 40-34-27-25-22hz (just the first "bass test" part)

    Artist: Loko Ft Bun B & Dj Unk

    Song: Like Me

    Freq: 44, 65, 56, 32hz

    Artist: Ludacris

    Song: Act a fool

    Freq: 53-51-53-59-hz

    Song: Blueberry Yum Yum

    Freq: 34-37-40-51hz

    Song: Grew Up a Screw Up

    Freq: 43-45hz

    Song: Lovers and Friends

    Freq: 40-43-45hz

    Song: Splash Waterfalls

    Freq: 53-51-48-40-37hz

    Artist: Kanye West

    Song: Touch the Sky

    Freq: the low note is around ~41hz maybe a bit lower more like 38

    Artist: Knoc-turn'al

    Song: The Way I am

    Freq: 45-48hz

    Artist: Mc Magic

    Song: Sexy Lady

    Freq: 37-40-48hz

    Artist: Mary J. Blidge ft Stat Quo

    Song: Be Without You (Remix)

    Freq: 48-45-40hz

    Artist: Master P

    Song: I Need Dubs

    Freq: 37-43hz

    Song: Pass Me da Weed (friday soundtrack)

    Freq: 37-40hz

    Artist: Nelly

    Song: Grillz

    Freq: 48-45hz

    Artist: Neyo

    Song: Sexy Love

    Freq: 51-57-48hz

    Song: So SickFreq: 59-57-53-51hz

    Artist: NORE ft Nina Sky and Daddy Yankee

    Song: Oye mi Canto (Remix)

    Freq: 64-57-53, 37hz for some .2 seconds

    Artist: Outkast

    Song: ATLiens

    Freq: 40-43-45hz

    Song: Speakerbox Intro (featured on the RF H2 hummer demo)

    Freq: 48-51-45hz

    Artist: Paul Wall

    Song: Internet Going Nutz

    Freq: 40-37-25hz

    Artist: Pimp C

    Song: Knockin Doors Down

    Freq: 59-57-51-45-43-40hz

    Artist: Pitbull

    Song: Bojangles

    Freq: 59-64hz (hits 43-48hz for .2 seconds)

    Artist: Power supply

    Song: My Bass hits harder (Specifically looking at the part around 2:17 when the old man comes on)

    Freq: Starts at 34-37-40hz... At 2:17 it goes to 48-51-37-34hz

    Artist: Project Pat

    Song: Break Da Law

    Freq: 43-48-51hz

    Artist: Rick Ross

    Song: White House

    Freq: 37-40-51-57hz

    Artist: Sarina Paris

    Song: Look at Us

    Freq: 37-43-45-48hz

    Artist: Snap

    Song: Rhythm is a dancer 2003 remix- (this one has 3 significantly "different sections", im mainly interested in the second one after he says "check this out" but if possible could i get info for each section (the first and third sound similar so if they have the same properties no need to repeat)

    Freq: 57-53-45-48-40hz <~ 1st part

    22-25-27-32-34-40hz <~ 2nd part

    Artist: Swishahouse ft Mike Jones

    Song: Holding That 9

    Freq: 27-29-45hz

    Artist: T.I.

    Song: 24's

    Freq: 57--51-48hz

    Artist: Three 6 Mafia

    Song: You Scared pt. 2

    Freq: ~33hz, 52hz

    Artist: Too Short

    Song: Dime a Dozen

    Freq: 39hz, 58hz

    Song: run up

    Freq: 37hz, 44hz

    Artist: Trae

    Song: No Money

    Freq: ~36hz

    Artist: trick daddy ft. T.I.

    Song: Beemers & Benzes

    Freq: ~32hz, 53hz, 63hz

    Artist: Trilltown Mafia

    Song: In The Hood

    Freq: 53, 65, 44hz

    Artist: Will Smith

    Song: Nod Ya Head (Black Suits Comin)

    Freq: 34-37-48-51hz

    Song: Wild Wild West

    Freq: 37-40-43-45-48-51-53hz

    Artist: Ying Yang Twins

    Song: salt shaker

    Freq: ~39hz

    Artist: Youngbloodz

    Song: Ev'rybody Know Me

    Freq: 39hz, 53hz, 62hz, 81hz

    Song: Presidential

    Freq: 34-37-45-53hz

    Artist:Yo Gotti ft Lil Wayne

    Song: I Got 'Em

    Freq: 57-53-45-43-40hz

    Artist: Young Jeezy

    Song: Air Forces

    Freq: ~41hz

    Song: Hypnotize

    Freq: ~5 seconds of constant 37hz, drops to ~5 seconds of constant 34hz, and 51hz

    Song: J.E.E.Z.Y.

    Freq: 37-40-43hz

    Song: Trap or Die

    Freq: ~41hz

    Song: You Know What It Is

    Freq: 35hz, 55hz, 73hz

    Artist: Yung Joc

    Song: Do Ya bad

    Freq: 75-64-57-48hz

    Song: I Know You See It

    Freq: 32-34-37hz

    Artist: Yung Sean

    Song: Got My Trap Boomin' SNB by DJP

    Freq: 43hz

  3. That 88hp 4 banger is going to puke driving around that extra weight. LOL

    Look like it is going to slap hard man. Looking forward to your vids

    Thanx man, yeah the back dropped an inch to an inch and a half.

    need to get some new springs for it and hopefully in the future some more power to haul around that weight.

    Still halls balls in first :drink40:

  4. Bedroom Setup:

    Kenwood AM/FM Tuner

    Kenwood 5 Band Equalizer

    KLH Reciever

    Marantz Reciever

    10" Pyles

    5 1/2" Dayton Midranges

    1 1/3" Dayton Tweeters

    Dayton 3 Way Crossovers



    Divinchi Surround In Corners Of Room


    Living Room Setup:

    2 10"s Sealed With Passive Radiator

    Dayton Carbon Fiber Mids

    Dayton Highs

    Dayton Crossovers

    60" Projector Screen


  5. I Have everything connected to where its suppose to be connected

    RCA Outputs from HU to imputs on amp

    Pos battery to Pos amp

    Neg Baterry to Neg amp

    etc etc

    When i hooked everything up and set the HU to a song all i get is a FULL Burp on my subs.

    Like the amp is sending full 3000 Watts to it :/

    I dont know why and its driving me crazzyyy

    what do you think is the problem?