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  1. So is the BTL physically damaged or was it just a voltage issue that didnt affect the subwoofer?

    I think it was just a matter of electrical voltage issue

    like i said it was around 8.5 volts so i didnt run it anymore.

    BTL is still pretty stiff tho.

    ill get it all hooked up on a fully charged battery and let you know

  2. Wow....i just got mindfucked...why the hell were you @ 11.5 resting?

    Running It Off A Cheap A** Walmart Battery

    Like I Said I just threw it in there and wanted to hear how it sounded for a while

  3. Im In The Process Of Building New Box For My 87 Mustang.

    It Will Be For 2 BTLS's Around 8 Cubes Net.

    The Anticipation Was Killing Me So I just Went Ahead And Threw My Old Box Where The Passanger Seat Was to see how it performed on my SAZ-3000D

    At first i was amazed.

    Then about after 15 min. of Slamming it it wasnt as loud anymore and the BTL wasnt Able To Handle the Amp Half Way (Gain All Way Down)

    It was Already Reaching Its Limits And Bottoming Out.

    so i was pretty bumed as it sounded the same if not less than 2 memphis 12" subs.

    so i was looking making sure all the connections were tight and secure, and i decided to take my DMM and meassure the Voltage off the battery that was powering the amp.

    Not Bumping = 10.5-11.5 Volts

    Bumping Full = 8.5 - 9.3 Volts !!!!!!

    Problem Solved


    Just needed to vent, Thought i had a bad BTL or something bottoming out on 1500-2000 Watts.

    But now im aware that its A Voltage Issue

    Edit: Title Is Missleading I Know :P

    I Am aware The Potential of the BTL

  4. There Are 2 Cutouts In The Dash, But Space Is Very Tight.

    There 4 1/2' And theres no room to cut out any.

    I Could Put Them In The Doors

    But I think Theres Leaking Somewhere So I Dont Want Water To Get On Them

    So I Want To put The 6X5's And The 6.5's In The Rear Deck.

    I Dont Know If The Bass Will Drain Them Out Tho

    Im Planning On Putting A Box with 2 FI 15's Where The Rear Seat Is.

  5. Put In Some Damplifier And Luxery Liner This Weekend From Second Skin Audio.

    When All The Interior/Carpet Was Ripped Out, I Got A look At The Underneath Side Of The Rear Deck.

    It Currently Has 2 Stock 6X9's That Go Pretty loud For The Fact That There Stock.

    Theres Also 2 Square Cutouts Next To The Where I Will Be Putting My ID 6.5 CTX's

    I Dont Really Know much About 6.5's Besides The Popular Brands Out There; Rockford, Kicer Etc Etc.

    What Would You Pair The Image Dynamics With?

    Each Set Will Have Its Own 100.2 Powering Them

  6. Well At First I Said To Myself, With 2 15"s Replacing The Rear Seat, The Box Will Be A Little Small But Close To The Cubic Space Of What Is Needed. And Throwing 3000 Watts At Them Will Make Up,

    But Now Im Pushing More Toward 1 15" BTL And Using Passive Radiator As The Port.

    That Wat Ill Have Enough Cubes. ?

  7. Hey Everyone, I will be starting a build log soon on my 89 Mustang Coupe.

    plan on taking out the rear seat and making a 2 chamber box for 2 15's BTL's

    Judging from these pics give me some opinions of how i should face the subs.

    And as well as any opinions!

    Thanx !

    Build Log will start soon :)