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  1. IshbOO

    SS in the early days....?

    Well. The sub in the first post is for sale. Let me know if you want it.
  2. IshbOO

    SS in the early days....?

    Wow. I am to this day amazed of Mike's customer service. I will have to fill you all in in a few weeks or so. Only pics will do justice Let's just say he made me an offer I couldn't refuse. Now its descions descions descions.
  3. IshbOO

    SS in the early days....?

    Well looks like Mike got a hold of me. Been so damn busy with school can't spare the time to even send an email. I'll keep you all updated if you would like. Last time this happened, it turned out all good. All I can do is wait and see what happens.
  4. IshbOO

    SS in the early days....?

    Well I appreciate everyones feedback here. I Will have to spare sometime Tomm, to give Mike an email. The one with the aluminum cone doesnt seem to have any "Problems". Just that the cone faded a bit. Which was my fault do to pointing the subs Up with no tinted glass for a few days :/. But I have had subs before, never had problems of surround comming off the cone. Ill agree with bad the bad prep. But I'll see what happens, If Mike cant help me out somehow. You will see this on ebay in a few weeks. Thanks again for your input.
  5. IshbOO

    SS in the early days....?

    I figure since it isn't under warranty I shouldn't bother Mike about it. But maybe I'll shoot him an email. I just dunno really what to do at this point... bad luck fo sho. But Kinda hard to believe not 1 but the 2 subs that I had received at first both have the same problem....
  6. IshbOO

    SS in the early days....?

    Well let me explain my story. I had ordered SS RL-p 12s when they had first came out. I'm pretty sure it was Mike's first batch. Old cones. After a week of use, One subs surround started to come straight off of the cone. I had told mike about it and surely enough he replaced it with the next batch, the new aluminum cones no logo. Mike even paid for return shipping! Thanks Mike. Well surely enough about 6 months pass by, not any problems really. The aluminum cone's color has faded from pointing up in my hatch, access sunlight I'm guessing. Pretty ugly. And My Old cone 12 well, you guessed it, starts to come off the cone. It's been around 6+ months now, I've just been running the new cone 12 and have not had a problem with it yet. Pretty much sucks to buy a 230$ chitty sub with defects. Now I dunno what to do. My warranty is obviously through. I guess buying something when they come out isnt a good thing? ps2 xbox360 as example? How should I go about replacing this messed up sub? DID eD find a NEW CUSTOMER? That is My story about SS products. Thanks for the 2 Subs I had recieved, and the 500$ wasted, and the hassle to just listen to some good muzik. But I will stand by Mike and his customer service. He is good to customers, as he was to me in the past.
  7. uhmm one XL T for me plz......... ! BLACK and one L button up. Black if possible.
  8. IshbOO

    My RL-p 12" doesn't sound good

    the sub pwns, its your install listen to mrray13.
  9. IshbOO

    First Looks: RL-s12 & RL-s15 LMT's

    maybe ill sell my 2 rl-ps and put one of these bad boys at 1600w rms in my new integra
  10. IshbOO

    Rl-p making noise

    hey mike, My box is pretty chitty, it was my first so i don't think i cut the holes big enough for the sub. I took out my sub and filed around the edge of the box, and slapped the sub back in. It sounded sooooo much better when i did this, There are still a few air leakes, maybe 1 or 2, but very very small compared to what it was. I am getting a new vehicle withtin the next week or so, just made an offer on an Integra yesterday. So i plan on building a box right away. I dunno if I have room for a ported enclosure for 2 12s, Should I go bigger sealed? or stay the same size? Or maybe even selling one, and porting the other one. Not sure yet. But Yeah it sounds more clear and boomy now than ever, so im almost positive it was my enclosure.
  11. IshbOO

    Rl-p making noise

    alright, ive been thinking the same thing. Ill be sure to check it out, thanks
  12. IshbOO

    Rl-p making noise

    Yo I just got my new amp in 1600w @ 1 ohm. Hooked up my subs and all, and one of my rl-ps kinda makes a rattle sound, not too much of a rattle but you hear "something". Anyone know what this could be? Maybe my enclosure? they are in i think 2.8^3ft sealed box. When i turn it up i cant really notice it but not sure what it is.
  13. IshbOO

    using ss subs, how many dbs have you hit

    Yo jelly, You would have seen my yukon. I couldn't make it up there since my amp blew, and I went to six flags instead It's awsome to hear that you won. Sound Splinter sells some really nice shizz. Maybe we could get together somtime at a real comp, if there are any around here. p/o
  14. IshbOO

    using ss subs, how many dbs have you hit

    yo mrray thanks for the offer on using your amp, but unfortunatly I wont be going to the comp at all. Maybe I'll stop by and see how things are going and check out some of the peoples systems, but I'm not going to bother being in the comp. thanks anyway
  15. IshbOO

    Waiting sucks!

    waiting does suck. one of my when i got my rl-ps i had to send one back, then got it back, and now my amp broke, gotta wait 4 weeks for a fix for that.