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  1. dylan12321

    Need some input on the EVIL

    Its going in a 2011 Fusion, and I am looking at about 4-5 cu ft for the box. It will take up the majority of the trunk. I want something that will get loud, but still sound somewhat clean.
  2. dylan12321

    Need some input on the EVIL

    I have an old V1 RD 3250.1 that I have had for years. The V1 is the one that didn't start on fire.
  3. Im in the market for a single 15, and I noticed the EVIL can take 3250 watts. I have an amp that pairs up with that perfectly. How do these sound? All of the vids I've seen make these seem pretty amazing. Has anyone experimented with box sizes for these?
  4. dylan12321

    Need to upgrade front stage 6.5 evils?

    Is there any word on these yet? Im going to buy 2 6.5 evil's during the tax sale, and would love to get a set of tweeters to run with them.