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  1. Welcome to the forum! Also very nice to meet you in person today during the test fit, which went well...no problems snapping them in or removing them. Feel comfortable enough now to smooth these out and paint.
  2. Everyone I show your vids to says the same thing......... "Holly Duck!"
  3. been over a month for me now and my S8 has really grown on me. Best phone I have seen out so far to date.
  4. Amazing skills!
  5. Thanks guys for the compliments!
  6. Hope to get these done soon so I can put up a video of these for y'all!
  7. Test fit on the tweets. I have to say these things are stout! Very well designed & assembled. I am very impressed by the build quality on these tweets.
  8. Have to still add some filler for the imperfections before painting.
  9. Doing some custom tweeter pods for evil tweets for a guy that I work with. Evil 6.5's in the doors and evil tweets in the sail panels. Here's the before pics.
  10. I used to have 15" earthquakes back in the mid 90's, they totally sounded like dookie in a sealed enclosure. It wasn't until I went ported with the enclosure that I had a major improvement. It was like I put new subs in.
  12. Your power wire will be the constant... Ground will be grounded... The swiched power or remote wire will be from the head unit and is typically blue or blue/white stripe (aftermarket) or labeled as an accessory (acc) switchable wire commonly traced on a diagram to either another piece of equipment or a switch. Simple answer, no it would now be wise to splice in an aftermarket amp to run off the factory wire harness. Mechanically inclined was used loosely in responses by the reactions you gave to people trying to help.....
  13. haynes manual should have the wire scheme in the back of the book if you are trying to trace color