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  1. What is the definition of safe sex in michigan? Placing signs on animals that kick....
  2. Jason C, 3 hours 48 minutes 24 seconds
  3. Looks like it just rolled off the line! Polished gem for sure!
  4. Can't go wrong with port firing same direction as the sub. K.I.S.S. method
  5. Ordering a pair when they are available!
  6. Icon was still the best sub SSA ever designed or built hands down.......Xcon is ok and has more output, but I would never trade output for response. Music is what you listen to, having a pure response is worth it's weight in gold.
  7. One awesome project! I would love to be a part of a total build like this. Amazing pics, one sweet ride, THANK YOU for sharing this with us!
  8. Be cool to offer as a component set!
  9. Plus being inside the vehicle will help control the environment needed to accelerate oxidation. If they were outside the vehicle oxidation would be more of a concern due to moisture & ect. There would be nothing gained or lost by using ring terminals & the correct sized short runs of wire -vs- a buss bar. The buss bar would help to join the batteries together as one unit and look nice, but unless you are dealing with a large amount of amperage you wouldn't notice any difference.
  10. Icons are more for sound quality period... The xcon on a response graph has a lot more output on desired tuning but you will achieve a flatter response out of the icon. And being on 1200rms, it's the more logical choice.
  11. Redneck solutions! Exactly what I gave him and he called me an engineer! Lmao I told him get an old charger paint it orange, place a pile of dirt, & yeeeehaaaawwww!
  12. More power smaller enclosure...in my testing experience. With the increase in voltage & amperage you amp with be able to deliver a more constant amount of quality power
  13. That looks slick! Nice ride too!
  14. Engineer? The closest I ever came to being an engineer was the train set I had as a kid!
  15. Mix this with Maraschino cherry syrup....I used to love tequila, but the good stuff is pricey.