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  1. Thought exactly the same thing when I uncorked mine years ago. One of the most accurate subs I have ever heard. Nice choice!
  2. Braced up! Overkill is good! Get that f/g started now David!!! Maybe next year they'll be done building the subs! Lol
  3. Another tease pic!
  4. If it helps, this is a great resource that I use on you tube... He has a large amount of vids for Fords & used to be a ford tech. Sorry for the kinda wacked link but you can find his stuff on YouTube.
  5. That looks like it's ready for a t.v. promo! Can't get over that shine!
  6. Amazing! Wish this had it's own thread. There's a ton of info & pics that are mind blowing.
  7. This may sound weird.... Is it a whine that increases with engine rpm, hum that is steady or wave pulse, or pop sound when it happens?
  8. You have resistance build somewhere in a ground. If nothing has changed and you haven't recently added anything to the mix, I would check all of your ground connections. They can loosen from vibration or become bad from corrosion, especially when left bare and exposed to weather.
  9. What is the name of that cleaner? It seems to work like a champ!
  10. What is the definition of safe sex in michigan? Placing signs on animals that kick....
  11. Jason C, 3 hours 48 minutes 24 seconds
  12. Looks like it just rolled off the line! Polished gem for sure!
  13. Can't go wrong with port firing same direction as the sub. K.I.S.S. method
  14. Ordering a pair when they are available!
  15. Icon was still the best sub SSA ever designed or built hands down.......Xcon is ok and has more output, but I would never trade output for response. Music is what you listen to, having a pure response is worth it's weight in gold.