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    Gcon 12 vs Sa 12

    So just got some bad news ssa doesn't ship to my area so I'll have to wait Gil next summer when I get back to the states to get some equipment I'm kinda bummed about it tho I was looking forward to getting THE sa 12, but I still got the amp on the way so idk exactly wet I'm gonna do, I'll probably order the new alpine type r from the site I got the amp an call it a day
  2. charrison24

    Ported enclosure questions

    Thanks for the advice I just don't wanna end up with gaps in my box if you kno wit I mean
  3. Im trying to make an enclosure for a single sa 12 but the only wood they sell out here is 18 mm thick mdf, I'm wondering how to compensate this into my cut sizes for the box I wanna build I wanna do 15 h x 17d x 22w with the port being 2" wide and tuned to 32 hertz any suggestions?
  4. charrison24

    Gcon 12 vs Sa 12

    So i just ordered 1 sa 12 and the hifonics brz1200.1d can't wait til I get it this I'm wondering how this will stack up to my last setup of 2 12 inch kicker l5s with an alpine mrp600
  5. charrison24

    Is My Port To Close To My Rear Hatch?

    When you apply +2+ and -2- the speakers should move out if they move in then you have the polarities switch and they are playing out of phase switch them around on your amp and it should be fine
  6. charrison24

    Gcon 12 vs Sa 12

    I have never heard anything about American bass amps except for the ads in pas mag anybody have personal experience to show
  7. charrison24

    Gcon 12 vs Sa 12

    So what amp would you recommend in the $200 range for these subs and why was looking at the aq 750, hifonics Brutus 1200,
  8. charrison24

    Gcon 12 vs Sa 12

    Is there any reason the gcon takes up to 21 business days to build whereas the sundown doesn't show any
  9. charrison24

    Gcon 12 vs Sa 12

    I have not yet ordered the amp as I was trying to decide on witch sub to go with first and as for the enclosure I was gonna try around 2 cubes tuned to about 32-34 hertz
  10. charrison24

    Gcon 12 vs Sa 12

    Also this will be in a small hatchback
  11. charrison24

    Gcon 12 vs Sa 12

    So here is my situation, I am looking for a single 12 setup to put into my vehicle I listen to mainly hip hop I want to get the louder of the 2. This is mainly just so I can get something cheap to put in my beater for my last year of my tour in Korea I have been trying to wait it out to get subs for when I get back to the states but it's driving me nuts lol, I am trying to keep the cost of the subwoofer to under 200 and also what amp would you recommend for either 1 for around 200 thanks in advance for any help