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  1. ok thanks i will try to shoot an email , i thought since they look at the forum, maybe they'll drop their 2 cents in. also anybody else that had success with different sizes and tuning.
  2. i would like to know the proper enclosure size, and tuning for a ia death row 15" running 2300 watts rms. thanks for any help.
  3. oh well, guess i have a little more saving to do. anyway to get a group buy going and maybe get a discount that way?
  4. i really would like some deathrow 12's but i don't have the 690 bucks as of yet. I was wondering if there will be a sale in the near future , unless........ you can hook me up lol.
  5. aero ports???

    well well well that help alot thank u
  6. aero ports???

    Got it! I believe the rule is a 30% to 50% decrease in port area. As you should know, port length is a function of net volume, port area, and tuning frequency. Assuming that net volume and desired tuning frequency are constant, a decrease in port area results in a decrease in port length. This is where the smaller box sizes come in because the non flared port has more port area which translates to more length so it displaces more. The flared port on the other hand has less port area which translates to less length so it displaces less! So smaller overall box with the flared port. (Keep in mind i didn't say aero port because it is only due to the flare.. nothing special in the plastic although the smooth plastic should make the air flow more easily.. The difference in air flow over plastic and mdf should be minuscule; therefore, it doesn't matter. The flare is the key!) Make sense? yes it actually does thank you. so how do i know how many aero ports to use?? is there anything that helps you determine that.
  7. aero ports???

    how exactly do they work?? i see people use them that usually have limited space but i dont understand why or how they are used. also do they sound any different then a regular slot style ported box? i want to do 2 15" lethal injection's but i would like to get a quick insight on aero ports and how they are used and if they sound worse then slot ported.
  8. wow thanks. makes me feel alot better. so roughly how big would a 6 cube at 34 hertz be? far as dimenions go. so i can make a cardboard replica before i have someone design 1 and make it.
  9. im trying to fit two lethal injection 15's in a 06 monte carlo. so according to looking to specs they say that i need about 3 cubes min. i was wondering i could fit a box that big in a 37 w , 36 l , 16 1/4 h. i am also open to using aero ports if thats what i have to do to fit the enclosure. thanks for everyones help in advanced
  10. second battery ground question.

    thanks for the advice.
  11. second battery ground question.

    thanks, its an 06 monte carlo so i think its a unibody. so with a unibody i can just drill a hole and keep that short ground and b ok.
  12. i know most people run a ground wire from the battery up front and then ground the second battery in the rear. but i dont have the room to run 2 0 guage wires. so my question is can i just make a good ground in the back and b done with it??? because i thought a ground was a ground. thanks for the help
  13. 3000 rms to much for death rows???

    well i havent killed anything yet to date so i must be doing something right, i just would like to know how it will do with daily abuse and how many people have ran them deathrows at 3000 rms daily.
  14. 3000 rms to much for death rows???

    Thanks. Any other input? it juss seems ill b underpowering the dps