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    Need recommendation on components.

    Well I've got a set of hertz hsk 165 on the way. Thanks for the tips everyone. I'll try a mdf baffle with the driver and tweeter in the door first.
  2. efreakingt

    Need recommendation on components.

    Well as far as relocating speakers, I am trying to maintain the stock interior for future sale. The sub instalation is going to be pretty heavy on alterations but I can convert back to stock look when I remove it all. I'd prefer doing a baffle in the door to hold the speaker and tweeter if possible to avoid any external cutting. Everything on this car is super expensive to replace if I cut stuff up. Plus I'd prefer to draw as little attention as possible to anything that's installed for theft purposes. I was just looking at the T165-s earlier, anyone have experience with those. I don't have a ton of places I can go demo good components that I know of.
  3. efreakingt

    Need recommendation on components.

    Well the deadening isn't an issue because I've already budgeted full deadening for the install. My main issue is with standard listening for my rear passengers. I could go full on high end components in the fronts but how will that sound for my rear passengers?
  4. efreakingt

    Need recommendation on components.

    I'm between the P400x4 or the T400x4 right now. $400 just for the speakers give or take. So far my only real contender is the polk mm or db set for the front doors. The factory setup is a 6x8 pod with a small driver and tweeter in the front doors and plain 6x8 in the rear doors. As far as the rears I was thinking maybe just a plain driver without tweeter. For the fronts I am wondering what location will be best for the tweeter, up near the top of the door or down closer to the kick panel.
  5. Vehicle is a 2004 lincoln aviator. I want components that will fit in stock locations for all four doors. The setup is a pioneer 3800 head unit, fi bl 15 in 4 cubes ported at 32, T1000-1bdcp. I need components that will fit the doors (tweeters I can mount anywhere) that will give me decent coverage. I'd prefer to not drop a ton on the speakers overall, maybe $400 total. I'm going with either a punch or power 4 channel for the mid amp.