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  1. าชกุศล

    System for a chick

    i dont know whats wrong with him, but thats what i would put in that car. especially if shes looking for something thats more spl than sq ive heard a couple btls and they all sounded good to me and get stupid loud.
  2. าชกุศล

    System for a chick

    because it sucks when you buy 5 different woofers looking for the perfect one for your application. i think someone thats trying to upgrade from 2 15 looking for more output needs to go with something with lots of it. wouldn't you agree?
  3. าชกุศล

    System for a chick

    i would get the 15 btl and a new amp. personally i don't think kicker cvr sealed are loud at all.
  4. าชกุศล

    jl w3 refoam?

    jl no longer stocks parts for the older jl w3's.
  5. าชกุศล

    jl w3 refoam?

    yes thats it, its the surround it didn't just come unglued, it has rips in it. if i want to post a picture do i have to use photobucket?
  6. าชกุศล

    jl w3 refoam?

    do what? but like i said they are the old jl w3 10' the foam is old and starting to rip and wear down
  7. าชกุศล

    jl w3 refoam?

    anyone know where i could find some foam so i can repair it. they are the older 10", i just want to fix them before i get rid of them.
  8. also may want to consider a jl 500/1, ive owned 1 of them and it was great buy they demand some power. they will put out 500+ 1.5-4ohms, but i ran mine at 1 ohm and never had a problem. but out of the ones one the poll i would say the jbl
  9. าชกุศล

    6,000 watts RMS AudioPipe Amps

    where do you find them for that price?
  10. าชกุศล

    Cutting plexiglass

    where is the best place to find plexi or lexan cheap? last time i checked plexi was pretty expensive
  11. าชกุศล

    door hinge(es)? door popping against panels!

    is it one big pop when you open the door?
  12. าชกุศล

    door hinge(es)? door popping against panels!

    looks like you pushed the door open to hard, one to many times. you usually see that when people have there door open in a parking lot and someone hits the door a little, or someone has there door open and backs up into something with there door. the frame is probably bent a little where the hinges connect.
  13. าชกุศล

    symbol/port on the computer

    they are firewire ports, there just a better usb port for certain item's that use them. they should look similar to usb ports but round on one end. might want to post a pic so that i can be for sure.
  14. าชกุศล

    any experiences with multimedia harddisks!!??

    frys sells a very small pc, its about the size of a wallet.
  15. าชกุศล

    Fudged up sub

    i know its not your hearing, but its not getting any better