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  1. Just messing around with a single 8" sub on 96 watts and a kicker 12 on 600 watts
  2. red2chfd

    Welcome to the IHoP

    Whats up ppl? I'm the Crazy Hair for Live Loud Audio in Texas. Just wanted to say thanks for the Hospitality I have been show with my stay here. Yes I wear a wig its my gimmick and I understand if you don't get it. I'm fine with that. If you think you have offended me in any way you are sorely mistaken. I will keep doing what I do and I'll see yall around at shows. Until we meet again ladys.
  3. red2chfd

    Crazy Hair at the Cockrell Hill car show and soundoff

    Thanks for the love guys and watching my videos. I'll keep it up just for yall. Sorry for the bad pic I forgot to comb my hair.
  4. red2chfd

    Stanford Sound show in Maine

    I hear ya the rain kinda sucked but it was a good show and I got to meet more ppl.
  5. red2chfd

    GOOD TIMES CC show/picnic 2012 TLM

    Texas Lowriding Magazine and I went to the Good Times Car Club show and picnic. It was a good show with lots of family fun. Enjoy!
  6. red2chfd

    Stanford Sound show in Maine

    yeah lol
  7. red2chfd

    Dallas Lowriders Models photoshoot

    We went to the Dallas Lowriders 7th anual picnic car show and did a photo shoot. This video is a behind the senses of that photo shoot with the models and cars. Texas Lowriding Magazine Texaslowriding.com
  8. I went to New Hampshire to go to a show and hung out with my buddy Scott. I did some work on his car while I was there. New 1800 watt amp and Crazy Hair edition Kicker CVX 12s.
  9. red2chfd

    Grandma's car revisited

    The G ride has been started in 3 months cause the transmission is out. So I jumped it off with the Lincoln. After 2 attempts it started. Enjoy!
  10. red2chfd

    Who's got the Hairtrick? The Crazy Hair does!

    orange hair ppl lol
  11. Yes I cut my hair but I got new hair bigger and better much crazier hair. Thanks for the support ppl. Music by Bassboylowg
  12. red2chfd

    My new vid intro

    Tell me what yall think?
  13. red2chfd

    COWBOYS LIFE CAR CLUB SHOW over 200 cars and trucks

    there are some sick cars here ppl!
  14. The Hair went to the Cowboys Life Car Club show on Sunday. Lots of badass car and trucks. Awesome show enjoy! intro and outro music by bassboylowg first song is Bass Mekanik - Wicked Bass second song is Bass Mekanik - Night Bass 2 third song is Bass Mekanik - Drop the Bass