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  1. AlanHall

    First 160+ db Trunk Car

    i just wanted to pop in and say.. guys.. lol ive built plenty of musical setups that will do 50s .. yes in the kick.. even have a 4dr impala with a trunk setup that has done just at a 50.8 in the kick with 2 15s and a rd d9.. tuned at 35hz daily beater.. most are walled cars. but i build 2-3 daily setups a month for people. i just dont have to much interest in building daily stuff for myself.. 12-15yrs ago i did.. and had it. im 33yrs old.. beating at the stop lights with my 3 kids in the car isnt a big deal to me lol i like building woofers,boxes..the mechanical side of this industry.. and testing and chasing scores. the tinkering with that is my attraction. so im sorry i compete in a spl burp class..and thats what i built for .. but it is what is and thats that..
  2. AlanHall

    First 160+ db Trunk Car

  3. AlanHall

    UFO BTL's with 6 spoke 18" baskets

    Murphy can get ya straight man. just give him a call vs this
  4. AlanHall

    Guide to getting LouD with a wall tips

    well i have no idea what makes them loud at the headrest.. i was assuming legal or in the kick.. could be night and day set up defference....
  5. AlanHall

    Guide to getting LouD with a wall tips

    wow... what note is this thing playing with such a small port and so much tunning ? the title says SPL.. i couldnt imaging it being loudest like that... so there is no way to stagger the woofers any way possible to the passenger side.. and cut out any remaing baffle for port area on the driver side? thats what i was gettting at
  6. AlanHall


    we were alreay passed this part drew... remember popping the spinders clean off the landing with the screw driver and hammer first? lol
  7. AlanHall

    Guide to getting LouD with a wall tips

    oh well since you use CAD to design your boxes it makes perfect since.... how come you asked for help if you already know??? buuuut no really.. i still dont get it .. are you planning to use tunning length on the port? maybe thats the confusion.. i wasent... i intended to use just baffle thickness... so im not sure what objects to maneuver around .. besides the rounds of the woofers....
  8. AlanHall


    a good razor knife/box cutter ad or a flat head screw driver and hammer.. chances are that left over ring will just pop off if you can get under it.getting under it is the key.. as for recone glue we always trust the devon 5min epoxy.. it HAS to be the stuff with the twisty tips in the package walmart used to have it. but o rileys does too orrr hit up david at **** ... recones arent hard at all especially FI the are drop in...
  9. AlanHall

    Improving SPL

    if it matters at all ive said to drew many ties before he needs to grab a 3rd 18 and lets do a half wall and he will be doing mid 50s with ease. and shizz . what you said about the none walls loading and being louder then being short on cone area and a wall is pretty much what i said .. i just didnt put it into words correctly. lol
  10. AlanHall

    Guide to getting LouD with a wall tips

    im confused why you can fit the port in the middle of the woofers but not on the driver side? if the box is lets say 50inches wide.. its still 50inches wide no matter where the woofers are.. put the port on the driver side.. and cut it to shape with the woofers so you can fit enough surface area if you need to.. id build the baffle at least as deep as the baskets on your woofers. but some cars and lower power dont enjoy a thicker baffle as much and lets say an astro.. how big of enclosure did you end up with? i personally wouldnt put an angle or 45 anywhere untill you can test it. the most important rule i have learned working on the vans over the past years is this.. "if its not strong its WRONG" your port and enlcosure sze arent as important and a strong build. the "perfect" port and enclosure size is usless ith a floppy 2 layer back wall and baffle..
  11. AlanHall

    Improving SPL

    see thats the thing.. its not a burp car.. drews just crying .. haha and again.. this was a free box that we had in another install.. see 2 18s behind the rear seat build i did in the build section.. but we pulled it out and then drew got it ..its not the best design for his truck.. and maybe not even for these MT .. i think they honestly dont like being in this large of a box .. i very much know woofers on the passenger side port drivers side would be much better.. considering i have helped build or owned the loudest mod vans in usaci , my teams old builds are still winning mod classes under the new owners names.. .. (build them and sell them after finals) ... and i have already said we could get better numbers from a none walled box with less power.. why do you think M5 always says dont use a wall? just cause its a wall dont mean its automatically 5db louder .. but i do find it hard to believe a box tuned to 24hz is doing a 150 legal on the TL with 1700w... shizzzon.. these are 4 spider MTs.. 1000w each isnt quite the same as some SX ...
  12. AlanHall

    Improving SPL

    oh yeah.. and i still have yet to anyone recamend a BETTER design.. just everyone saying this one sucks.. if you know it sucks then you forsure can come up with something better??
  13. AlanHall

    Subwoofer design software?

    so the OP didnt follow "guildlines" in this post? so that opens the door to be a jerk? ohhh ok i get it ..
  14. AlanHall

    Improving SPL

    But, but they need more power to 'come alive' an overly efficiant box will not sow much gains with adding power..it will fall off at some point at least every SPL van we have done has worked different depending on power.. the more efficiant designed ripped with low power but gained little when adding amps.. the others we built with lots of power where louder with power.. but less loud with lower power.. make sence? i saw drew do a 146 somthing this weekend with his new amp at 41hz... im not sure whats changed from the claimed 143s before..
  15. AlanHall

    Improving SPL

    numbers are low for that truck--either way... I'm comparing apples to apples... we have the exact same truck, i have 2-15's and 1760 clamped watts, he has 2-18's and ?? watts, you should test the power output on the amps to see what he's getting/what impedence rise your dealing with, something is wrong somewhere... with 2x the power you will see a gain if the electrical can handle it..*my box is tuned to 24hz so don't go there either **I mean that in good humor How is your wall setup? subs and port?? your doing a 150 legal ?? i said i havent messed with anything to check impedance rise and by why HE has found im guessing a high impedance rise ..and the woofers might be hating that box... his MT are built to handle a mojo 4K each.. what woofers are you using? i think the way the woofers are layed out is really effecting the numbers.. im sure a non walled set up would make a little better scores with his power.. they work with the vehicle a bit better than a wall . . what do you guys find so wrong with the box? 14cubes.. 140inch of port? besides the ports a touch small.. . .