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  1. reaper68

    Mmats m2000.1, SQ4100, MPA4150

    Make people a heck of a deal if they want the SQ and M series as a package
  2. reaper68

    Mmats m2000.1, SQ4100, MPA4150

    2000.1-650.00 obo 4100-550.00 obo
  3. Liquidating my car audio stuff. These are all BNIB amps that have never seen power and I am tired of moving them around the house. All prices are OBO, buyer will pay actual shipping. If you want references for me let me know I can probably dig up guys that I used to sell to on multiple car audio forums. Also please feel free to check out my feedback on ebay at grimreaper68 M2000.1-700.00 OBO SQ4100-600.00 OBO MPA4150-400.00 OBO
  4. reaper68

    IA Recommended Enclosure Sizing

    Does anyone have T/S for the 18 flatlyne, I was hoping to see how well it would model up for IB use.
  5. reaper68

    IA Recommended Enclosure Sizing

    I see the store has 18" Flatlyne's what are the recommend enclosures?
  6. reaper68

    4 SA vs SD 10's

    Hello, this would be my first go with a sundown product and I wanted to see any users opinions on the idea. The sub woofers will be receiving power from a mmats 2000.1 so the subs in theory not accounting for freq. or box rise etc. would get 500 per. The enclosure will be sealed shooting for a little bit higher Q around .8 as I like the warmer sound. I'm not a huge fan of dampened or critically dampened sealed boxes. Basically I am at an impasse as it would seem with the current sale it would be stupid to miss out on the SA's as I could potentially up grade power later on these vs the SD. Any thoughts, I know basically no one has played with the SD's but opinions would be good.
  7. reaper68

    Anything new?

    hmm you say single 6 ohm 6 8's of 2000 rms hmmm
  8. reaper68

    XCON 18 lots of questions

    Another question what is the thru hole Ø? Will 1/4-20's work or are we looking at #10's
  9. reaper68

    XCON 18 lots of questions

    Well I will hopefully will be getting one of these guys soon. I just hope the mmats is a good match to it. So just for quick reference what is the bolt circle size and mounting depth? I'm going to have shoe horn it in a little but it will be well worth it I think. Least wise its something different than a pair of 12's since I have been running those type of setups since 2002.
  10. reaper68

    History of Blues Loudspeakers?

    I see there is an msrp listed what can we expect for street price
  11. reaper68

    XCON 18 lots of questions

    That's always an interesting time, if I had the bank I'd just order all the sizes and do it for you
  12. reaper68

    XCON 18 lots of questions

    Do you have any design criteria? Prints available, or the happy joy or reverse engineering them?
  13. reaper68

    XCON 18 lots of questions

    What version of 3ds do you have? I could do the models if you have prints but I don't have 3ds loaded up so I would have to export the file in a compatible file type.
  14. reaper68

    XCON 18 lots of questions

    Alright kind of an odd question I know I have searched for it before, but could I get the mounting depth, bolt circle diameter, and if possibly a model of the driver. By this I mean does anyone have a print, surface, or parametric solid model of the driver? I can work with inventor, solidworks, autocad, Unigraphics NX, or pretty much any file type that can be translated into these programs(just exterior surfaces would be fine). Basically I am looking at developing a pretty complex enclosure to fit this into my vehicle and I would like to get started on it.
  15. reaper68

    XCON 18 lots of questions

    Thanks I have been going though trying to find all the posts sealed. It seems anymore all anyone runs is large ported setups. I honestly prefer the sealed sound on any application I have ran. this may be the direction I take.