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  1. JayR04

    Looking for a new car

    what about a 2004,2005 acura tsx? Acura makes nice looking cars. Pretty reliable too.
  2. My Maxima has Bose. My previous car had only had 1 set of comps and a cheap deck and sounded better than the bose. But I'm keeping it since it's a lease so I just added a sub.
  3. JayR04

    Which one should i get?

    8s so when you pop your trunk, people will be amazed.
  4. JayR04

    audioque sdc2.5 12's

    AQ subs don't get love around these parts
  5. JayR04

    R/C Monster Truck

    Nice. I used to be into R/C cars too. A little expensive for me right now though....
  6. JayR04

    I want to get metered.

    Buy a used meter then re-sell it
  7. A lot of newer cars have a feature where the stock amps limit power or limit lower frequencies to the stock speakers past a certain volume so you won't blow the speakers and reduce distortion. That could be why it doesn't sound as loud as you think it should be. Any wheel/tires plans? Some black face, white lip rims would look real nice
  8. JayR04

    Decided to join the Fi wagon. :)

    SSD FTW!
  9. JayR04

    subwoofer and amp installation

    I just bought the same car last month. The alternator is 110 amps 2010 Nissan Maxima Standard Equipment and Specs
  10. JayR04

    SSD Owners Sound Off

    I have 1 12. Haven't had a lot of subs but this is the best so far. http://www.cardomain.com/ride/3153500
  11. thanks. gonna check these out 2morrow
  12. JayR04

    My 2 12 inch SSD's

    folding the seats down helps the rattle a little.
  13. This is why I would only prefer a Headunit with a sub level control. A lot simpler.
  14. JayR04

    two 15" re audio srx?

    I ordered from www.audiosavings.com but they don't have the old Re's