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    Car audio, football, basketball, track & field, my fiancee!!!
  1. I got the job!!! Just have to pass my physical and drug test and I start in May. Really thanking God right now for this opportunity. Feeling very blessed.

    1. EPerez


      Congrats man. What are you going to be doing?

  2. Kylee is tearing up the slots right now. :)

  3. God is truly amazing. Got a call back for a second interview. If I get this job, it will open up a lot of oppurtunities for the future.

    1. EPerez


      Good luck man!



      Yes He is, good luck!

    3. Shogen


      Good luck! where at man?

  4. Job interview's done with. Praying to get a call for a 2nd interview.

  5. dang, been awhile since I've been on here. Feels good to be back!

  6. I will have bass again on Monday! Cant wait

  7. why do bills always have to interfere with my addiction to car audio!!! :(

    1. Jay-C76


      I feel your pain man!!!! I spend it faster than I make it. 90% on bills!!!! Plus 2 kids that eat up the rest.

    2. hero24


      yeah it sucks. Buying pieces for a system in stages is no fun haha

  8. Stripped everything out of the car. Time to plan a new system, any ideas?

  9. hero24

    MBarber25's Build Log

    Looks good man. Thats about where I put my knob in my truck.
  10. hero24

    Russian Customer SA-12 on Music / DB Meter

    wow! I cant wait to get my 1200 d hooked up.Pay some bills first then I get to have some fun lol!
  11. I have the 3100 installed in my truck right now. I've had for about 7 or 8months now. I like it. Its pretty easy to use and has alot of options. Really the only thing that bugs me about it is that it only has 2 sets of preouts. Front/Rear or subwoofer. The clock is in military time and can't be changed. But as stated above, its pretty much up to you. Pick whatever one fits your needs.
  12. hero24

    new from ia

    Sounds like you'll be very busy. Keep us posted
  13. hero24

    Sir-Lancelot's Build Log - Updated July 17th - Page 8

    I like the way that turned out. Looks great. Now you have me wanting to try this for myself.
  14. hero24

    MBarber25's Build Log

    Nice video. About blew out my eardrums while I had my headphones on.