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  1. alt options for a 2013 honda accord

    ????? I sent in a quote on mechmans website amd didn't get a response either, is there a better way to get an answer about this, say, call them?
  2. alt options for a 2013 honda accord

    Looking to see what options I have for a 2013 honda accord sport 2.4L.
  3. quote for 2013 honda accord

    Looking to see what my options are for a 2013 accord 2.4L....basing the system off what the alt options are.
  4. SP4 now up!

    Wow...it can go in a sealed box too!! That will be interesting to hear
  5. fi q 12 passive radiator

    I was actually looking at that tc 15 as an option. Was wanting to do a 15 instead of 2 12s so I could achieve a lower fs. Wonder if that dayton 15 would be over powered considering that radiator was designed for the matching low profile sub with a 4 or 500 rms ?
  6. fi q 12 passive radiator

    Wondering if anyone has matched a passive radiator with the Q 12 before? If so what radiator, if not is there any recommendations? Looking at making a home theater sub
  7. box size. question

    what would you use for the MIN on the 18s ???.....
  8. box size. question

    also my tuning is going to be 32hz
  9. box size. question

    i have 18 cu to work with after displacements, and im wondering if that is enough air space for 4 bl 18s or do i need to step down do the bl 15s?
  10. 4 fi q 12s ported or 6 sealed

    It's realy install dependent. The q's can definitly get real low in a seald box. I got a q 18 and it gets loud and low. But still in the end it is all about buildig a quality box to get the sound you want. so you personally, would you do 4 ported or 6 sealed?
  11. 4 fi q 12s ported or 6 sealed

    but i bet the bl woud be louder then the q.....the sensitivity is a bit higher on it
  12. 4 fi q 12s ported or 6 sealed

    i just figured that with an fs of 33 and an xmax of 28mm for the q and a fs of 39 and an xmax of 18mm for the bl that the q would win that 1.....no idea tho.?????????????
  13. 4 fi q 12s ported or 6 sealed

    so can the bls play lower then the qs, without having to go much bigger with the box?
  14. 4 fi q 12s ported or 6 sealed

    overall , sound quality but didnt know if i could get about the same output with a ported box with 4 instead of the 6 sealed. and also am wanted the most low end out of it as i can so i figured ported again, but ive never used the q before so i have no idea. i hear that it will do just find sealed on the low end but we all know ported is the way to go for the lows.