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  1. superman814

    need a pulley for alt

    happens during idle and driving at all speeds, its a 2002 yukon denali 6.0L , not sure how its wired i had a shop do it that has done previous cars of mines and other families with no issues
  2. i had a excessive amperage 300amp alt installed and its charging but its not sending the signal the computer saying that its charging so the battery light keeps coming on, but the battery never drops below 14v's, i was told i can only use a pulley from the makers of the alt which is EA, do you know if this is true? i think the guy said i need a 1.5 or 1.75'' pulley for the alt
  3. i thought i ordered 3 fi q series in the dual 2 ohm series, but some how i got the 1ohm instead..not sure if i made that mistake or if FI sent me the wrong ohm load..and im not here to lay blame..it is what it is not a big deal or something for me to cry about..my problem is this..i was going to wire them to my Hifonics Brutus BRZ2400.1D 4 ohms: 850 watts x 1 chan. 2 ohms: 1700 watts x 1 chan. 1 ohm: 2400 watts x 1 cha the guy doing my instal said with these subs im looking at a little under a .5 ohm load, but when i check with the 12volt web page it says 0.67 so not far off i guess, my question is, can i try running this amp at.5 ohm? anyone have any experience with this particular amp? its the new series thats CEA-2006 compliant and i think i have read some people running these at .5 ohm..but i still wanted to check with your opinions..im really strapped and just dont have the funds to buy a different amp..the guy said 1 solution is to buy 3 amps that will do 1000-1500 watts in 2 ohm..but that will run me no less then $600 and im strapped has it is..so please let me know your opinions..thank you
  4. superman814

    Delay on Q's?

    i got my 3 Q series 18's 2 days ago and took everything to the shop today...cant wait to get my truck back and see what FI is all about also thanx guys for the free t-shirt, while i was there the owner told me he has done a few FI set ups and hes been impressed by all, the last was a guy who did 2 18'' in a ported setup and his main goal was spl number just a all out monster for 60 seconds..not sure which series..im going to guess it was either bl or btl's..but he says this will be the first sealed set up hes done with FI and hes really anxious to see how they sound..so i felt more at ease hes dealt with these subs before
  5. superman814

    hid kit

    im looking for low beams and fog lights kits for my 2002 gmc yukon denali, i noticed most mentioned ddm but they dont sell kits for my truck, anyone know of another place?
  6. superman814

    Delay on Q's?

    Ok, I will check in the morning, sorry for being a burden I just got real pissed when you told me to check tracking and I waited like 4 hours and still nothing. I don't know who wouldn't be pissed. Alright I will post on this topic tomorrow sometime if I haven't seen any updates. i can understand your worry, but this is FI, so i wouldnt let it keep me up at night..they will take care of you, i been waiting around 57 days for my subs..lol but from everything i hear, its well worth the wait..they shipped mines out yesterday and i cant wait to finally hold them in my hands..lol
  7. superman814

    Delay on Q's?

    the funny thing is they sent me a email telling me they are on their way and to wait until 8pm to check ups tracking system BUT they never gave me a tracking number..lol looks like it will be a surprise..
  8. superman814

    Delay on Q's?

    i got a email today from FI, says they are on their way
  9. superman814

    Delay on Q's?

    I ordered mine May 17 and they said they should be shipping my sub late last week. I might be getting it I'n the next few days... I hope. I ordered mine on May 1st and they just shipped out today on June 7th. It seems like they got the backorder issue resolved so most orders will probably ship very soon if they haven't yet. did you get a tracking number telling you they shipped it?
  10. superman814

    tequila besides patron anejo?

    hows the Hornitos Anejo?
  11. superman814

    tequila besides patron anejo?

    i was wondering what else out there is good besides patron anejo? trying to stay under $40 a bottle and a fifth of patron at $55.99 is getting expensive
  12. superman814

    Delay on Q's?

    i wonder where in the rotation im at. i ordered mines on april 16th
  13. superman814

    Delay on Q's?

    has anyone who was on back order received there orders yet?
  14. superman814

    fuse ratings?

    how does this pertain to my situation then, my amp is rated at 2400 watts at 1 ohm which is also CEA-2006 Compliant, not sure if that matters, the fuse rating is 250A x 1, so how does this come into play here? can i say i will only get 2400 watts at 1 ohm provided i have the electrical system to power it which i do, a 300amp high output alt and a kinetik hc3800, or can i expect to get more then 2400 watts out of this amp which happens to be the new line of hifonics brutus amps Hifonics Brutus BRZ2400.1D