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  1. dlehneman

    Waterford CT, 9/27...tomorrow

    I'll be there...3hrs and 30 min for me. Since I've made no changes I'll be in Stock 4 and supporting my customers. There are a few cars with big changes that I'm really looking forward to seeing
  2. dlehneman

    NESPL night shows in NH

    Bill becomes famous...lol That's awesome.
  3. dlehneman

    NESPL night shows in NH

    I may be able to make the Epping show. As Steve mentioned I'm no longer with XLA, but something came up and it wasn't looking good for going away for the weekend anyway.
  4. Another good day today for my boxes NESPL in Tewksbury, MA...I had 5 boxes at this show in 5 different classes and all 5 took 1st place in their class! Amatuar 2- Bill G. 144.6db- 1st place Stock 1- Dave H. 144.5db- 1st place Stock 3- Henrique V. 147.4- 1st place (with 1 twelve and 1 amp!!) Stock 4- Dave Lehneman (me) 152.0db 1st place Super Stock No Wall- Henrique V. 149.5db- 1st place (with 1 fifteen and 1 amp!!) Set a new personal high of 152.0 legal (also the highest Stock score to date in NESPL) which made me happy. Congrats to all the competitors, and thanks Steve!
  5. Donuts and coffee right across the street too See ya there homies!