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  1. sqjeep

    Fusing size for Draconia?

    You are welcome. ZED also tells you how to calculate the fuse rating as well I think it is page 13.... Example: A 100 x 4 at 4 ohms amplifier. We will assume that we will be playing it so musical peaks reach 100w/ch. Ok so 100 x 4 = 400. Divide by .03 = 1333 divide by 5 = 266 and divide this by 12 = 22 amps. Use a 25 or 30 amps fuse. I have used this with my esx amps and have not blown a fuse yet.
  2. sqjeep

    Fusing size for Draconia?

    Zed lists the size fuse you need for the given ohm load in his manual for the new amplifiers... Heres the draconia part from the manual.... Fuse rating for 4 ohm load - - - 25A-30A depending on usage Fuse rating for 2 ohm load **** - - - 30A-50A depending on usage **** under normal operating conditions the fuse rating for 4ohm loads will suffice for 2 ohm loads. If the amplifer is driven for long periods of time into 2 ohm loads the fuse rating may be increased as shown. DO NOT OVER FUSE ANY AMPLIFER Also here is the link to the new manual... 2011 ZED Manual Hope This helps
  3. sqjeep

    ATOMIC AUDIO - CAUTION!!!!!!!!!&#3

    Did you guys happen to see what atomic said to him when he initially contacted them? They basically told him to STFU because he was lucky to own such a great amp. After that I wouldn't own one of their products if you gave it to me....Well maybe then.
  4. sqjeep

    MEGALITH finally?

    It's confirmed as well as some other goodies. http://www.zedaudiocorp.com/News/news.html
  5. sqjeep

    Rare audio stuff

    Those ESX's are SICK. If the US Acoustics or the Planet Audio ever go up for sale, please PM me. Will Do Denim you will be first on the List!!
  6. sqjeep

    Rare audio stuff

    Here is some of the old school Amps I have collected..... Click on the pics to enlarge them. ESX 475.1 "] Group shots of ESX 60.4, ESX 175.2, ESX 120.4, ESX 275.2 "] Planet Audio HVT 754 "] Dad's USAcoustics 2150, 2100, and 4050 "] "] Also my old school Headunit. DRZ9255
  7. sqjeep

    Stuffing/Lining a Sealed Box

    When entering the parameters in winisd you can't enter all the info, you have to let winisd enter some of the parameters itself. For example ... You put in the QES and the QMS, then keep hitting tab to the program doesn't add in anymore parameters. Do not adjust the parameters that the program inserts (will be in blue) or when you go to save it, it won't except it. Then jus keep adding the info in this manner.
  8. sqjeep

    Subwoofer displacement?

    Driver Displacement is in the manual listed under the VD in the thiele small parameters. I believe it was listed at .045
  9. sqjeep

    Daber audio "SQL" subwoofer???

    When i first seen the pics of the subs i said to myself "Man these look a lot like Dayton HO." Then i went and brought up there website and look at the other pics of the subs and did a side by side comparison on the specs. I must Say that it looks like my assumption is correct.. If they are truely Dayton HO's then they are great subs. Here is a side by side view... Daber Specs // Dayton Ho Specs: (Based on 15's) Re: 3.3 // 3.3 Le: 1.81 // 1.83 Fs; 23 // 24 Qms: 4.46 // 4.48 Qes: .41 // .42 Qts: .38 // .39 Mms: (g) 381 // 380.6 Cms (mm/n) .11 // .11 Sd: (cm2) 830 // 829.6 Vd: (L) 996 // 995.5 Bl: 21.5 // 21.52 Vas: 109 // 109.7 Vc Diameter: 2.5 in // 2.5 in SPL: 90 // 90 @ 2.83V/1m PE: 800w // 800w Daber (Pics from SSA) Dayton (pic from Chad at DIY and Parts express)
  10. sqjeep

    Question about SA-12

    x2, some of the products in there store qualify for free shipping. Just look at the list next to the picture and it tells you right about voice coil options and under availability. Can't believe I didn't see that. Thanks
  11. sqjeep

    Question about SA-12

    Don't know if this is the place to ask but why can't I estimate shipping for that driver in the store?
  12. sqjeep

    Question about SA-12

    Thank you.
  13. sqjeep

    Question about SA-12

    The Us acoustics amp he has is only 4 ohm stable bridged. The hu sounds pretty good but has very limited processing.....Going to replace it soon but very much worth the price.
  14. sqjeep

    Question about SA-12

    My father is considering this driver. I want to know if you guys think it fits the bill for him.His system consists of the following. HU- Kenwood....Soon to be replaced by an Alpine 9887 Amps- Front stage- US acoustics Usa 2100 running a pair of Alpine SPX-17REF in well sealed and dampened doors. Sub amp - Us acoustics Usa-2150 The sub amp does 500 watts at 4 ohms. I'm sure it's a little underrated. How much not sure. My guess would be 550. He listens to almost every type of music except hard core rap.....He can't stand it. BTW....The vehichle is an 04 Explorer. Will the SA-12 be what he needs? Does he have enough power to get good sound from it? He is also stuck between a ported box or sealed. Is there another driver that he should consider? Thanks in advance.