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  1. tyoung515

    Massive audio amp??

    You'd be paying roughly 36cents per watt. or $1099 for 3000watts. Where as a brand new crescendo 3kwp is $550 for ~3300watts. although there currently out of stock. Personally, I would just buy a used saz3500d or 4500d. Hell, buy one of Marks new 4500ds if your willing to spend that much, you'd have tons of headroom and won't need to upgrade amps for the future. (Both amps, 4500d and this massive one are huge!). Except the 3500 and 4500 weigh more I've got a used 3500 here that will carry its warranty for a full 2 years pm me for details if ya want man.****** Never mind! 250 is a steal lol nice find man!
  2. tyoung515

    SAX-200.4 Review from DIYMA

    800x4 is plenty, who wants to run a class a/b @.5 a channel any way
  3. tyoung515

    Ported SA-12... wow

    Looks great man, nice ride. I wouldn't worry to much about the ssf on an sa-12, they can not bottom out and your not throwing much power at it. It takes me about 1/2 mo to break them in fully with around 2x rated, they just get a bit lower and louder the reactive rise seems to drop.
  4. tyoung515

    Power for the 3500D

    3500 "can" do 43-4500 @ 10.5-11v. You just have to wire at .25, i've done this a few times with good results but don't expect a warranty if you pop an amp lol. There are also a few modded 3500s around that at .5 will do 4400ish @ 12v which if ken got arik's amp it is ******* but rob is right about dynamic power 100% these are burp numbers and you cannot clamp an amp playing music. I ran 2 3500s on my 300 amp and only dropped to 13.5ish at full tilt, but i have 2 3100s and 2 6500s in back also, 2 2500s does not drop below 14.
  5. tyoung515

    Sundown Neo-Pro 8 and 10 (Midrange)

    I think your lieing!......... XD since when do sundown speakers sound good and get lou!?!?!?!?!?! I got no memo!
  6. tyoung515

    160.3db at 30hz behind C pillar -- SA-10s

    Bah! lol I still vote van lol 2x cone = teh sex
  7. tyoung515

    NS v.2 18" with 9.25" Spider

    Now we just need more nsv2 motors lol
  8. tyoung515

    Power for the 3500D

    Chris russ runs one and loves it, hair pin stator design. Pretty much BA alt. Great thread btw! Very informative.
  9. tyoung515

    160.3db at 30hz behind C pillar -- SA-10s

    !?!?!?!?!!? WHY would you want this lol, why not boost both truck has 3768 sq" of cone and van will have 7630 sq" lol
  10. tyoung515

    160.3db at 30hz behind C pillar -- SA-10s

    Blah blah...... still needs more power and bracing..... the cab not box that is x) lol good chit.
  11. tyoung515

    New Sub Setup 2011

    Out of those choices i would say the x-con bro, musical and will take a beating..... as in my buddy daily-ed one on 2 aq 2200s@.5 each. Not saying every setup can do that but sounded great and hit the lows. I do have to say he saw a big jump by going to a z.2.
  12. tyoung515

    2011 Price Increase

    Pretty high compared to what? You can certainly pay less and get a battery that is close to the same size as an XS Power battery, but it will not provide the same performance. ^^^^ Truth, Ive got a buddy with some knock offs that are the same size as my 3100s, and with 2 on 2 1500s he still drops down in the low 12s vs me not dropping below 14 same box same amps different battery"s.
  13. tyoung515

    Quote on 4 Havoc 12's

    If it does not get loud off rated then it wont get loud 2x rated lol. Nick is right man, even if you do know what you are doing chit still happen's..... i know lol.
  14. tyoung515

    data sheets and photo

    this will help out alot
  15. tyoung515

    Twisted's 3rd Row Wall Build

    ^^^^^ not tru lol, we just tore this out and hhr was sold, but 53.5@30 i wouldent call bad lol, 150.3@25. 2 nsv2 18s on 2 3500s 10 cf@29hz.... that 140 you see @ the beginning.... is a 30 sec musical avg.... 13" outside passanger window ........ twisted looken forward to seeing what u do man! need moooooreee wood tho bro lol, the hhr had 32 2x4s in there for the shell lol, just think housing frame on steroids lol