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  1. its here.....pics tonight if yall are good and stop fightin
  2. Spencerk

    going active again!!! new questions

    800 or 880 PRS, 3 way active setting built right into the deck no need for ANY external processing, just deck to amp to speakers...makes thing a bit more simple
  3. we are talking about an old orion right?
  4. Spencerk

    12's or 1 15

    I say go with the 1 15 everybody runs 2 12s that horse has been beat to death a million times over.... be different, break the mold, go with the 15. PLUS if you can match the box to your car (box pos. tuning. ect...) you will be louder than all those best buy MTX, JL, Rockford brainwashed punks with less area. That would be way more impressive, at least in my eyes, to do more with less.
  5. now ur talking my lingo.....
  6. OK has anybody actually gotten a amp yet? I got the fed ex email on the 9th and then I emailed them on the 13 about the no change in status with the fed ex order, and now today is the 18th (5days later) and still no changes. look im not is a rush at all and im not bitchen about the delays. I just hate hearing a few more days, a few more days, 1 more week.... look if its going to be a month fine just tell me its going to be a month. That way my heart wont stop every time i hear a diesel truck drive by.
  7. put 2000 miles on the bike this week

  8. STOP THE PRESS!!!! sorry guys it was 274.99 not 247.99 typo....just dont want to mislead anybody....
  9. Spencerk

    Is it human nature?

    :roflmao: I am now getting evil stares from the whole library.... need to keep the LOL to a wispier I guess
  10. <<<<<<someone just place an order for a 2K model!!!! Nothing left to do but wait. oh and it was 247.99 shipped to the house. If you are in the market or even think you might want to be in the market for a amp you can not pass this deal up.
  11. Spencerk

    Need help finding brown carpet

    OMG i still have a hard time sleeping after that.....
  12. Spencerk

    steve's anti-cliiping device

    80 volts on the previous model....
  13. Spencerk

    steve's anti-cliiping device

    80 volts on the previous model....
  14. going to daytona beach on my zx-6r for 1 week

  15. Spencerk

    steve's anti-cliiping device

    Thanks for that link Nick, thanks to you im now out 100 bucks plus shipping.... I need another meter like I need a hole in my head.