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    15" fi btl

    (same post as i put on stevemeade board) ******UPDATE********* So i was gonna wait to give you guys the update, but since i havent been here in awhile and see how much attention this post has gotten, i thought i should update you guys now. The day after my last post, Scott emailed me the next day. To make a very long story very short, He was extremely helpful and is sending my out a new unit with a return postage for the other. He kept in touch with me and provided extremely good customer service to see how I wanted to handle the situation. My sub is still on the way, but based on the way Scott took care of me, I am definately reminded why i first chose FI audio. They have excellent customer service. Im suprised why there not on jd powers and associates ranking for customer service. lol Anyways, I can hear how all you guys say its not a big deal, but to me it is. When i bought my first FI sub, It came in perfect condition, so i had a standard i was expecting the sub to be in. The sub i first received was definately not anywhere near the condition as my first. And yes i do work hard for my money, so everything counts to me. Lets say i was to resale the subwoofer without the box, and my customer was to see the damage done to it. He might not necessarily believe me when i say "oh FI sent it to me that way...." You guys might not care of your stuff looks, but i am definately a perfectionst. Back to the subject. I just want everyone to know how great a guy Scott and the FI team are. They got in contact with me extremely fast, provided excellent customer service, that exceeded my expectations. If you are deciding between Fi and maybe another company, i think you should put serious thought into FI just because you know they are going to have the customer service to back it up. I plan to post NEW pictures of thew NEW sub, once i get it. Oh and to those who think i shouldnt of posted on the forums, I apologized myself to Scott about posting on the forums, but he actually said it was a good thing i did, so that customers can actually hear about other peoples stories. And venting on forums kinda acts like the police towards the FI customer service. It makes them strive to provide good customer service.
  2. vboy720

    15" fi btl

    dont get me wrong, I love FI and the BTL line. I brag about my sub 24/7 and continued to impress people when I had my 1 12" and people thought I had 2 12's or 15's. Its just this time around, I dont have that same great feeling about the sub as I did the first time around. If you look at the second to last picture, you can see that somehow they f#d up the area when they tried to drill the holes. That wasnt the only messed up whole, but I figured you can already tell how much damage has been done. I wouldnt mine 1 scratch, or even 2, but it is countless how many flaws i can find on my sub. It literally is covered all over with dings and scratches.
  3. vboy720

    15" fi btl

    I live in cali. Vegas is 10 hours away. Took two days from ship date to get to my house. Either way im not really concerned about how long it took, I just get very excited when I order anything from FI so I guess minutes feel like hours.
  4. vboy720

    15" fi btl

  5. vboy720

    15" fi btl

    So i just received my BTL about an hour ago, and since i just bought myself a nice touchscreen sony camera, i thought i would document the unboxing, install, and everything. But since i am a little frusterated with FI right now, i figure i would vent. I purchased a 12" btl back in December, and was 105% satisfied with quality and everything about the sub. I got bored of the 12" so i sold it and now moving up to a 15". But this time around, im left feeling a little doubtful about FI product. Ill post specs and then vent: BTL15 DUAL 1 | DUAL 2 Fs: 35.6 Hz | 34.6 Hz Re: 0.7 Ohms/coil | 1.4 Ohms/coil Qms: 5.72 | 5.90 Qes: .24 | .22 Qts: .23 | .22 Mms: 256g | 272g Sd: 810cm^2 | 810cm^2 Vas: 71.6 l | 71.6 l Spl: 93.2dB 1W/1m | 93.1dB 1W/1m Bl: 18.3 N/A | 27.2 N/A Xmax: 28mm * | 28mm * Rms: 2000W * | 2000W * Sealed box: N/A cuft | N/A cuft Ported box: 3-5cuft | 3-5cuft Sub OD: 15.625