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  1. tommyjiggallow

    FS: Mmats Pro Audio D3500.1

    Asking $500 Shipped. Great amp.
  2. tommyjiggallow

    FS: Mmats Pro Audio D3500.1

    1. Product: Mmats Pro Audio 3500.1 2. Specs: The amp is rated @ 2700 rms at 1 ohm. You can check out the specs on Mmats website: http://www.mmatsproaudio.com/pdfs/2004-2008%20Manuals/D3500.1_D3500.05.htm. 3. Description/Condition: 7/10 Cosmetic 10/10 Function 4. Price: I'm asking $600 shipped for one the other is sold. 5. Pictures:
  3. tommyjiggallow

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    Phantogram- Mouthful of Diamonds
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    The XX- Fantasy
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    * Ask Don of SDS *

    This shouldn't be an SDS product specific thread. I'll be posting some test results for CLD Tiles on the SDS site in the next few weeks that should show that the adhesive used has been tested more thoroughly than any other product on the market. Going through the catalog, product by product, would be beyond the intended scope of this thread but I will try to get more data on the SDS site. I'm confident enough that every product I sell belongs in the top tier of this category that I happily send free sample kits to anyone who requests them (in the US). Nothing like hands on to evaluate quality. Free samples! Now thats what I'm talking about.
  6. tommyjiggallow


    Honesty is always the best policy. Thank you for being soooo honest Don. It makes us all feel better when an owner can just say "Hey, I fudged up. Sorry." I agree with you on that.
  7. tommyjiggallow

    Thanks Don!

    Thanks man, I will.
  8. tommyjiggallow

    Review of my Black Fiday X12's

    I recommended these to a friend of mine a few months ago during the black friday. The price was a steal. He loves them.
  9. tommyjiggallow


    That's great. I'll be buying my alternator and dual brackets from Troy here shortly.
  10. tommyjiggallow

    Bl vs Icon

    If you're in a rush to get one I'd go with the bl, like denim says the icons are out of stock right now. Maybe you can go with a different sub, either ones you chose will be a good buy.
  11. tommyjiggallow

    Thanks Don!

    Will do. Pics will be coming soon. I'll have my wife snap some pics, sometime in May when I get back I'll post a build log.
  12. tommyjiggallow

    Thanks Don!

    Thanks, and you do the same