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  1. kilcrease92

    From: can somebody help me plez

    thanks man
  2. kilcrease92

    can somebody help me plez

    hey im workin on my new box and im puttin mirrors in side and i need to know how to get them securely attatched where they wont fall off later does anybody have any suggestions ?
  3. kilcrease92

    help please

    hey im thinkin about puttin mirror inside my pox what would be the best way to get it attatched to the mdf with out it fallin off ? any suggestions
  4. kilcrease92

    covering my box

    hey i am tryin to get a mirror like finish with paint how can i do that ? what kinda paint do i need ? any suggestions im starting with mdf
  5. kilcrease92

    port size

    well im puttin some rockford p2 10s and my box dementions are 30 in wide 12in deep and 15 in tall and i wanted it tuned low around 33 htz my woods 1/2 in ill post a picture of my sketch on here sometime soon
  6. kilcrease92

    port size

    hey im workin on my third box build and i want this one to be perfict i need help on the port i wanted it tuned too like 33 htz and i dont know how to caculate that can anybody help me if i give you box demention and mdf thickness ???