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  1. well.. we already know fatmat sucks
  2. wutang512

    Pictures of my system

    I dont know how old you are but when I was in highschool my cousin had a system way before me. 2 15 inch kickers in his nissan maxima.... anyways his dumb ass was always stuntin and driving his friends around town blasting his music then next thing you know somebody during school hrs broke into his car and jacked his deck and his system in one swoop. Better watch your back man, cause I know somebody out there is probably watching you waiting for you to slip up. Cause you dumb enough to showboat around
  3. wutang512

    Digital Designs Headphones

    I would personally Check out Shure Headphones amazing Studio quality headphones. The bose headphones are good too as well I just heard they were on the bass heavy side a lil bit. As far as Digital Design headphones never heard anybody buying them except directly from them. I think your gonna have to email DD to get a price.
  4. wutang512

    SDS Dedicated Forum

    I say yes when I bought my sound deadner from Don he went above and behind with what I should and Walked me through it as much as possible. And his deadner is Quality leaps and bounds ahead of the bullshit ass Rattle Trap extreme I had in my car.
  5. wutang512

    Alpine 9887

    Dont mess with dealercost audio ive read too many bad reviews from them. All the other companies I would call up if they have a number and see if its in stock. I kinda feel bad for anyone that didnt get in on that deal that 6th avenue electronics had going on. I got mine from them for $217 brand new. Dont even bother trying them they sold out the week after I bought mine
  6. Do it right the first time so you wont have to do it again. Yes go zero gauge
  7. wutang512

    bl 12 not hitting

    I used to think just like you for the 1st couple weeks I had my 12in BL. One day I was in the parking lot and I noticed that when I stepped outside my bass wasnt as loud on the outside but when I put my head on the inside I could feel the vibrations from the sub hitting so hard. Honestly that trunk rattling shit is very tacky and makes it seem like your driving a POS. Like guy said above more people are impressed with the bass on the inside then the outside.
  8. wutang512

    Is something wrong with 15 ssd?

    I take that back after listening to that 36 mafia late night tip video it sound like the sub is bottoming out.
  9. wutang512

    Is something wrong with 15 ssd?

    Get a video of young jeezy's Hypnotize. Then I'd be able to tell you if something is not right.
  10. If you can I would find a 9887 AT one point they were going for $217 on 6th avenue electronics
  11. Depends on if ur putting any upgrades on it and it also depends if you know what the hell your doing. This is a prime example of why BTL's dont have warranties. If you dont know what your doing man your gonna blow it.
  12. wutang512

    It's heeeere!!

    10". If there were 8's I'd have bought twins. I heard the UPS truck and went running for the door. That's Sassy. I've never seen a cat put up with a child like she does. Lets our dauthter lay on her, pull her fur, etc. I can't wait until I get it all tuned right and it gets fully broken in. Yeah i know what you mean man. The ups man didnt even get to my door before i stopped him. Showed him my ID, signed and took the box from him.
  13. wutang512

    Rattle trap by flatmat

    And another thing the quality of the rattle trap extreme next to reputable brands like second skin and SDS is horrible. You could stretch and pull apart the rattle trap extreme. While the other 2 the foil backing is so strong its hard almost like thin sheet metal. I dont know how to explain it. Its just on another level
  14. wutang512

    It's heeeere!!

    What is that a 8 or a 10?
  15. wutang512

    damplifier pro to seal a door???

    What i did was I put plexi glass over the huge holes in my doors and then I put some deadener over the plexiglass. Worked great for me. You can go to home depot or lowes and have them cut the plexi glass for you.