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  1. kwschs

    Sundown Nighshade

    Thanks! Enjoy it , let me know if you need anything else. Jacob makes a great product
  2. kwschs

    Kevin's BMW log

    1992 BMW 318i
  3. kwschs

    Enclosure for BMW trunk

    I had a really really TIGHT fit getting 2 12's into a similar BMW. The trunk has a pain in the ass opening. Cut out the metal trunk backing though, it made a 200% difference for me.
  4. kwschs

    A site im working on...

    Thought I'd let you guys know, I am working on a small side project. Only a few days in, but I think it could have some potential when there is a ton of information. It's going to be the best exotic car collection on the web, with everything you want to know about any Lambo, Ferrari, BMW, Aston Martin, etc.. I am posting here so you guys can help critique me. This address below is only a place so you can see it for now, it will be moving to it's own .com later. logos, etc are coming in the future.
  5. kwschs

    having problem with a tocoma

    Bring it to someone who knows what they are doing with alarms before you break something.
  6. kwschs

    Aston Martin DBS 09

    Its a fun, very fast drive. You have to be very careful though, cops are out to get people in 200k+$ cars it seems lmao
  7. kwschs

    Sundown SA-12 Excursion (QC Test)

    Looks like the ones you just sent me
  8. kwschs

    My new setup!

    2 18's will be plenty for what you want.
  9. kwschs

    Sundown SA 12s Review

    Recently getting involved with Sundown as a dealer in Florida, I sold my entire JL setup and switched to Sundown amps and subs. Jacob worked hand in hand with finding a good fit for my small BMW 318i. I installed 2 Sundown SA 12" subs on a Sundown 1500 Watt Amp. They are wired to 1ohm and run extremely well. The ported box is tuned to about 34hz, and i am very pleased with how the subs are responding. These subs will blow so many other setups out of the water! I am proud to say more amps will be going into my car and I look forward to selling a quality product! Kevin
  10. kwschs

    Kevin's BMW log

    Got my stuff from Sundown yesterday! Heres the start of a lot of work to be done and a lot of money to be spent over time. The Second Skin is on the way, keep checking back! 2x SA 12's 4DVC 1x Sundown 1500 Big 3 I am not a professional box builder so don't pick on me. It turned out pretty good.
  11. kwschs

    Quad 15's enclosure help.

  12. kwschs

    Box Design

    I don't want to keep bugging Jacob if other people here can help. I am building a ported enclosure for 2 Sundown SA 12's . A few questions , would it be good to tune them at 36hz? They will be on a Sundown 1500. Also, What i really need to know more then anything is the port dimensions. The max dimensions for my trunk is 22 Depth, 33 length, 16 Height. A sketch up would be really appreciated with the port calculated and what not! I will return the favor in some way *Shizzon are you around?*
  13. kwschs

    Aston Martin DBS 09

    That prius is his everyday car. And i dont think a 10 would hurt, just sound great. The engine is so wild anyway
  14. kwschs

    Aston Martin DBS 09

    Haven't been in the Lambo yet , they are busy guys!
  15. kwschs

    SA 12's Port (box)

    Decided to get a professional box made by my friend who is a master installer... since i am no fabricator. What is the recommend port dimensions for these subs? I emailed jacob but I figured I'd post here. Would like to get started on it today. Should I do 2 seperate chambers? 2 ports , 1 with each sub.