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  1. Any word? still havent recieved any confirmation or tracking number of any sort
  2. i want that one that you quoted me on whats paypal addy ?
  3. folgrz

    Ascendant Audio Chevy Astro

    i know im a little late but i just read this whole thread and it was absolutely sick!
  4. holy crap that box is awesome! great craftsmanship!
  5. folgrz

    extra battery

    you should be fine, but i would take a look at maybe a kinetik battery instead of a yellow top
  6. folgrz

    Tahoe Rebuild 10kw

  7. Put another battery in the car? Maybe like a Kinetik HC800 ?
  8. folgrz

    SA-8 Prototype Is Here !

    These woofers looks awesome!
  9. folgrz

    favorite brand names

    im surprised that only one person mentioned SOUNDSPLINTER i cant say enough good things about them the quality and customer service from them is absolutely amazing Alpine headunits Focal or a/d/s Speakers and hands down best amps ever made are the Diamond Audio D7 series
  10. folgrz

    Powering a 12" rl-p?

    You mentioned possibly running dual drivers, so let's lay this down clearly:A Single Dual 2ohm Driver may be wired for 1ohm or 4ohm operation Two Dual 2ohm Drivers may be wired together for 0.5 or 2ohm operation. Likewise A Single Dual 4ohm Driver may be wired for 2ohm or 8ohm operation Two Dual 4ohm Drivers may be wired together for 1ohm or 4ohm operation. Sound quality should not be affected by the varied operational impedance. Generally speaking, a 4ohm load seems to be the easiest on car electrical systems. Just ensure that the amp you are using will be able to provide your desired power level at the given impedance that you end up wiring to. If you need further assistance, I urge you to email me: contact <{POST_SNAPBACK}> the only problem im going to run into is that im going to have a hard time trying to get my hands on another soundsplinter 12" d2 that is brand new. i bought mine from a guy who ran 500 watts to it for about 10 minutes then unistalled the subs because he was getting another car and he needed the money so i might have to end up going the the PG amp sell the d2 and buy 2 brand new d4's
  11. folgrz

    Powering a 12" rl-p?

    which would i wire it up to so i can get more of an LSQ sound from the sub
  12. folgrz

    Powering a 12" rl-p?

    oh and one more question what impadence should i have my sub wired up to the sub is a dual 2ohms so im not the smaretest kid when it comes to this but can i wire it a 2ohms or not, but if im not mistake i can only wire a dual 2ohm sub to 1 or 4 ohms but please correct me if i am wrong
  13. folgrz

    Powering a 12" rl-p?

    I agree, you may also want to look at eD NINe.1 if the 1200D seems pricey. If you can afford the 1200D I would opt for it. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> yeah i think i might get the eD NINe.1 considering that its a good quality amp for the money and puts out the power that i desire