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  1. alexj01_83

    wtb sundown audio neo pro 4 ohm

    Thanks big john.. Little absent minded this morning. 6 1/2..
  2. alexj01_83

    wtb 3000 watts

    k need price shipped to 28306
  3. alexj01_83

    wtb 3000 watts

    thanks bro.
  4. alexj01_83

    wtb 3000 watts

    don't really care about looks preferably saz model.
  5. alexj01_83

    dd 3512e recone

    I'm having fun with it this is a learning experience. If I bought rebuilt transmissions and engines I would not know what I do now.
  6. alexj01_83

    dd 3512e recone

  7. alexj01_83

    dd 3512e recone

    got a quote from corey dean. I contacted dd and it would be cheaper for them to build, than to by the kit. I wanted to diy.
  8. alexj01_83

    dd 3512e recone

    Yeah.. I had hit up psi waiting on a response. Hit up dd also, it is cheaper to send it to them and have it rebuilt verses them sending me a kit. crazy.
  9. alexj01_83

    dd 3512e recone

    Had one sitting for 4 years thought the motor shifted finally took it apart. The coil had hard bottomed a couple of times and put a lip on it. Any venders here make a kit? also would it be it be feasible to recone into a 18" http://fixmyspeaker.com/product/18-6-spoke-frame/ would this work? thanks.
  10. alexj01_83

    z v.4 10"

    yeah I was leaning that way from the beginning... 18 it shall be . I can't even imagine the air it will move, that little 10 would make a small draft. lol
  11. alexj01_83

    z v.4 10"

    Not going to be replacing amps at the moment.
  12. alexj01_83

    z v.4 10"

    currently 34Hz, whatever space I need to give up for the proper sized enclosure.
  13. alexj01_83

    z v.4 10"

    Greetings currently own a z v.4 10. It is a 97 Tahoe being ran off of a saz 2500 v.2. It would be more cost effective to re-cone it to a 18". it would cost little over twice as much two add another z v.4 10, but just because it cost less doesn't mean it will sound better. basically I'm after more output. better low end extension. I had it in my cutlass and it sounded great but in the Tahoe I have a lot more cabin space. any suggestions between the two? thanks in advance for the input.
  14. alexj01_83

    Crossfit article

    cross fit is fun. and hard at the same time. my brother is into cross fit. I'm bigger than him muscle wise but he has more endurance and in a lot of instances stronger. I guess to each his own.