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  1. So just recently my subwoofer and Amplifier started cutting out. What I mean is the speaker will play for a few seconds at the normal loud volume I play it at regularly then the sub starts making a weird noise, the amp light dims, and the speaker basically just stops playing. Any ideas what it could be? Maybe a short behind the speaker wiring? Just wanted to see If I could make this troubleshooting faster cause it's a pain getting that speaker out behind the seats of my single cab truck. I have a Sundown SA-10 wired @ 2 ohms Diablo Audio Technology 1000.1 About 1.25 Cu. Ft. Box tuned to 34 hz
  2. Sundown SD-2 10" on the way. :)

  3. tech2332

    2 10" box build for Dodge 1500

    Damn that looks good! I wish my 08 Silverado had all that room. This is some good inspiration to try and get back in it after over a year. Very nice work.
  4. Just got home from a cold & windy New Years.

  5. Just got home from a cold & windy New Years.

  6. Just got home from a cold & windy New Years.

  7. tech2332

    10 icon compared to 12w6v2

    I say go with the Icon 12's and if doesn't sound louder you can rebuild the box to be bigger and there'll be a good chance it'll be louder. I used to have 1 10" Icon, and it went LOW, nicely built subs.
  8. tech2332

    steve 09 silverado crew cab

    Maybe this'll help. After you upload the pics, copy the IMG code directly to your post without changing anything. Don't click on insert media or any of that crap, just post it here DIRECTLY. Hope that helps.
  9. tech2332

    steve 09 silverado crew cab

    Make a PhotoBucket account & upload your pics. After they're uploaded click on the link and copy it straight to your post. Register At PhotoBucket Here!
  10. tech2332

    SSA driver photo contest vote

    I voted for #8
  11. tech2332

    From: FS: SSA Icon 10"

    No, already sold.
  12. tech2332

    4 SA-8's or 2 Z-15's?

    I have one and I like it a lot. How do they compare to other 15s? Well they are the same size. What 15s are you talking about? Compare how? I Lol'd.
  13. That is true in some cases but I doubt this one. As shizzzon posted there are alot of variables that determine whether it's worth it or not. It's like cheaper amps, They usually market the "Max" Power it puts out, when in reality it will never even be close to that in RMS. I say look into Iraggi, DC Power, or Mechman. Especially DC Power, I hear nothing but good reviews on their alts..
  14. tech2332

    SPL Head Unit

    OMG, IM SORRY I THINK THE UNIT SUCKS o.k. On this unit you can't turn off the bass center frequency you must use it ( 60hz to 180hz) no flat. The bass focus delay affects the subwooter timing.Pause button takes 10 seconds maybe more before music play back. You never just get answer here. Are you talking about the low pass filter??. I think you're confusing that with something else. And a more detailed question would work, because I don't think I've heard of an SPL Deck...Like others said maybe you want something that doesn't skip, or that can pause.
  15. tech2332

    First HDTV

    X2, Samsung has some of the best HDTV's out there. Samsung, Sony, LG, Toshiba's aren't too bad. X2, my brother has a 32" Vizio and it looks great IMO. Only thing that sucks on any HDTV is the sound quality. I'd recommend buying some type of speaker system. If you're on a tight budget you can get a decent 5.1 Computer-Type Speaker system for under $200 and you'll have to hide the wires or if you want get a nice little DVD/Amplifier and customize with your own speaker sets.