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  1. I been doing a little reading on fourths, and I think I want one lol. My question is how much space would two sundown x15's need for a fourth order?
  2. Lschevy

    premade speaker pods

    I found a website with premade speaker pods, how do you guys think they would work? Customspeakerpods.com
  3. Lschevy

    recommend me some components please

    What do you mean? I going to focus on my front stage before I jump to subs. I feel like if I have a front stage that I'm happy with I probably wouldn't get any subs
  4. I'm considering getting a fosgate t800.4 or a t1000.4 for my components but the thing is..I really don't know of any components that will be able to handle that kind of power. I will have two sets in each door. And I wasn't to keep the price under $350 per set
  5. Lschevy

    new year.. new system..but what?

    yea its a split seat and i can remove half of it...but i have 7 cubes with the seats flipped up
  6. I want to run a t2500 or a saz2500 in my truck...what kind of electrical would i need to run either of these amps?
  7. Lschevy

    new year.. new system..but what?

    I thought about the idea of having for 8's but I think that will be enough bass me, and I don't want to have to go through the hassle of trying to sell it. most of the time it's just me and a passenger in my truck. But from time to time my kids want to ride in the truck, that's
  8. Im hoping some of you music wizards can help me with another system. I have a crew cab Silverado and I want a bad ass daily system. I don't want to take my back seats completely out, if I can help it I want an enclosure that I can slide if I needed to. I'm not trying to spend $$$$$$$ on a system. With that being said the amps that I can't seem to take my attention off of is the Saz3500 v2, fosgate t2500.1bdcp, and saz2500 v2, and I still have my saz3500 v1 that works perfect. My budget is $1000 for subs. I have about 7.8 cubes to work with. As far as the type of enclosure and tuning...it really dosent matter. I just want a ground pounder that digs deep and sound good
  9. I see a lot of people that's wanting to sell a pair of sundown x 10's. The thing is idk if I have enough mounting depth for them to fit in a wedge type enclosure for my truck. I know I have enough air space for them, but mounting depth is what kicking me in the a$$. How do you guys think they would work in a wedge style enclosure? Here are the dimensions of the area I have to play with... Front height-10.5" Rear height-8" Depth-17.5" Width-55"
  10. Lschevy

    contact info

    I tried the email last week when I was at work and guess and automated service sent me an email to another website cause their email wasn't working
  11. Lschevy

    contact info

    I trying to find a working phone number or email. Does anyone have either of the two by any chance
  12. Lschevy

    magical sp4

    I'm not asking what a sub is best at all...I'm saying just about anytime ANYONE ask about a sub the sp4 is recommended majority of the time
  13. Lschevy

    magical sp4

    Is the sp4 some kind of magical woofer? I mean I been looking for a while for sub that can take a lot of power and sound good and good for daily, so I been searching on different forms looking for options and almost 80% of the time the sp4 is getting recommended. It have to more subs out there that is equal or better THE the sp4 for output and sq
  14. In my next build i want to do something other than a ordinary heaunit. I was thinking about something along the line of a android headunit,tablet, or even a carputer. What would it take for something like this to work?
  15. Lschevy

    AA Team sub

    I saw a guy selling a pair a while ago