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    First system! (Ghetto...)

    Not bad at all. You have to start somewhere for sure. Those of us older guys can tell you in the 80's having 2 6x9's, a cassette stereo and a jensen 5 band power booster/eq was rockin, so you are light years ahead of us .LOL
  2. arthurk


    A local shop here in Indy, Soundsational, is a total expert shop and they are very versed in all of the off brands as well as the name brands. They also have mad fiberglass, box building, fabrication skills and are nice people who love to talk about anything related to cars, audio, or music. I wrecked my car and was very upset and called Brian , the owner and he offered to help fix it himself in his shop. Not all stores suck and this one is awesome. Not everybody want's to be a DIY kinda guy. I am an expert in other areas and would rather hand my keys to someone, pay the bill, and get on with life. Most adult professionals such as doctors, lawyers, etc. work 80 plus hours a week and the last thing they want to do is work on a damn car stereo. Also, I get sick and freaking tired of seeing people with hideous installs. They wouldn't last a second at an IASCA event where install, immaging, etc. counts. A big ass ported box uncovered with no staging up front is just ignorant.
  3. arthurk

    Stetsom Amps.

    If you like actual music, they suck beyond belief. if you want to be a child with a car that goes BBBBZZZZZZZZ and a one note wonder with zero quality, go for it. Any amp pushing that much power that is quality will cost THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS, PERIOD!
  4. arthurk

    ShiZZZoN's Build Log

    That's gonna fuckin pound!
  5. arthurk

    Thumppers Ford Windstar Ground Pounder

    Man I want to hear that! Awesome!
  6. Wasn't there a thread with prices for PTS enclosures here?
  7. arthurk

    Thumppers Ford Windstar Ground Pounder

    Looks great! Now PLEASE hurry because my convertible's trunk needs your attention man!!!!!
  8. arthurk

    Jay-C76's 2005 Ranger Install

    MAn that looks like a fun truck for sure! I too have never been to any kind of competitions and living here in Indy I wouldn't have a clue as to what to expect or what to play. Are there rules or how to sheets somewhere? A bass race? Db Drags? Which ones can you stay in the car on. I remember going to Iasca events 15 years ago and it seemed they were looking at the quality of the install, which seems more important I would think. HMMMM? i would like to see the truck though!
  9. arthurk

    Is this box big enough?

    Well at the very least I am upgrading the subs to Fi and getting a kerf ported box. Those 10's now only have 350 watts going to each, which isn't cutting it. The cardboard box that you see there fits in the trunk on top of my other box though, which made me start thinking of other options. Thanks
  10. arthurk

    Is this box big enough?

    Thank You, I am really looking up to the pros in this field for answers. I did speak to Pound that sound and he is coming up with suggestions also. Thanks
  11. arthurk

    Is this box big enough?

    Anybody? HELP! I really want the 12"s but the Fi bl 10"s do look beefy but with a saz3000d on them?
  12. arthurk

    Is this box big enough?

    No I don't have the subs yet but with a convertible, the 10"s just aren't cutting it, perhaps the Fi bl 10"s would in the right enclosure. I do already have the amp though, a Sundown saz3000d which I really want to use.
  13. arthurk

    Is this box big enough?

    As you can see, there is quite a bit of space on either side of the cardboard box and of course the spare tire well and towards the rear seat, but I need some space for amps, batterys, etc. Here are more pics. i need to replace that dustcap that got poked out. On a side note, those Arc 10"s actually sound great!!!!
  14. arthurk

    Is this box big enough?

    Well, bad news as the box is actually only 33" wide, not the 39" I had previously wrote. Thumper at pound that sound is building the enclosure and I just sent him my specs and pictures. Here are some pics. You can see the old 10" box dwon in the spare tire well and when I made the cardboard template for the new box, I removed the old box and put cardboard over the well.
  15. arthurk

    Is this box big enough?

    Ok, I am a ported enclosure built from pound that sound for 2-12" Fi Bl subs. I built a cardboard box like he asked as big as possible to fit in my trunk. It ended up being 39" wide x 13" Tall x 15" deep. This was sitting on the ledges on each side of the trunk and the spare tire hole being empty on the center. The box has to be dropped in from the top and has about an inch and a half gap on the top, and the side facing the rear of the car. Will this be enough space for those subs? I notice it asks for 1.8-2.5 per sub so I think I am a little small unless I would extend the bottom center of the box down into the spare tire well. HMMMMM?