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    Too much power? And how high can I crossover?

    True. I just worry about crossing the daytons low and loud at 180watts per...but im sure they'll be fine at 80hz. Thank you
  2. I got a new amp, and I think it's about to put a hurtin on my Rl-P12 D4.....It's a Clarion DPX11551 so at 2-ohm, it will be putting 1550RMS to the sub. It will be sealed in 1.25^ft. If the gain is all the way down, will I be OK? Previously ran with 500wrms, and it was a monster. Also, whats the highest I should cross the sub? Im running Dayton RS180-4 7" in the doors. Can I cross the sub at 100hz or am I asking for trouble? Thanks.