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  1. I think that's what I'll end up doing. It just seems like it's going to be a pain in the ass to wait for one to pop up on ebay. dont be in too much a rush my friend. there are some draw backs to the clarion unit (the screen for example). i would look around as much as possible for the pioneer. btw the clarion is also discontinued as well. I think I misrepresented myself. I meant that I'll end up chasing down a 800PRS. I don't like the way the 880 looks. I could have an 880 right now for $225 but I would rather pay like $300 for an 800. Plus I have to sell my stock head unit (Chrysler MyGig REN) first; hopefully it'll fetch $350.
  2. I think that's what I'll end up doing. It just seems like it's going to be a pain in the ass to wait for one to pop up on ebay.
  3. I'm confused. I thought you meant electrical noise being induced into the system that was audible in what the speakers were playing..?
  4. The 800 has an all copper chassis while the 880 has a normal one. Which can help a lot with noise. Good to know. I drive a 2008 Charger and they are notoriously noisy.
  5. Well, are the 800s really worth $400 while the 880s are only $200? I'd pay extra just for the looks of the 800 but not $200 extra, lol.
  6. I'm looking for an 800PRS right now. There's one used on eBay for nearly $400. I can get one new for $550. I could grab a uses 880 for less but the 800 looks worlds better. Know of any place I could snag one?
  7. Damn, too bad I missed that deal. Keep in mind I do care a lot about aesthetics. I want it to look very plain but sophisticated. I know this sounds like a silly request, but this is going in a show car and I want everything to be perfect.
  8. I'm looking for a good head unit that has time alignment. Unfortunately, this will be my first head unit purchase (used stock with special wiring harness) and as such I have no idea where to start. I really love the look of the Pioneer 800PRS, but they're discontinued. I do care a lot about aesthetics, but I want something that sounds great and will let me run my ID CTX65cs active and use time alignment, PEQ, and all the other normal goodies. My budget is about $300, but possibly can be extended for the right equipment. I don't have any problem buying used as long as it is "good as new".
  9. Repth

    Box for Havoc 15

    Forgive me if that's not what I said; that's what I meant. It is providing decent output all the way down to 30hz, but I do think that upon listening further that I would prefer to have some more output in the low end. And bassahaulic, thanks for the suggestion. Anyone else have ideas? Is it always best to go with the maximum volume recommended by the manufacturer?
  10. Repth

    Box for Havoc 15

    Well, I just finished the build for my 15" Havoc. It's 2.6 cubes sealed. I am giving it 1.2kw RMS @ 1 ohm via Cadence ZRS7000D. The car is a 2008 Dodge Charger R/T. I listen to a good mix of rap, rock, and some dnb and other electronica. The sealed box is not providing enough low end for me, so I'm going to build a ported set-up for it. Does anyone have recommendations on what volume and what to tune the port to for my listening tastes? I am capable of building a slot-port box myself. Also, volume is not really an issue, but I'd like to keep it at or under 5 cubes. Thanks.
  11. Looking to pick up a 15" Havoc near Houston, 77546 to be exact. Anything within 50 miles is fine; I commute all over the place. If anyone could chime in with a dealer nearby, that'd be awesome. Thanks.
  12. Repth

    Enclosure for Q

    Also, forgot to add the amp is a Cadence ZRS7000D, rated at 1.3kw RMS @ 1 ohm.
  13. Repth

    Enclosure for Q

    You guys are the experts on the products; I try to make the best educated guess given my listening tastes but ultimately I am a newbie. Weighing the descriptions of SQ and SPL, it does seem that SQ would be my primary goal given that it's loud enough to match my front stage. Looks like I can either fit a 15 Q sealed or a 12 BL ported. I would really be irritated to pick up a BL and find out it doesn't provide enough sound quality for me.
  14. Repth

    Enclosure for Q

    3.5 cubes is small for a ported 15? ):
  15. Repth

    Enclosure for Q

    Well, it looks like I misstated what I was expecting. I was only trying to illustrate that my personal listening tastes call for a bump in response in the lower frequencies. I have a set of ID CTX65cs comps crossed at 100hz; it is plenty of midbass for me, I was only trying to illustrate that I like to run my midbass and subbass a little louder than the rest. I am only expecting the subwoofer to play 30-80hz. I'm sorry, what? That's news to me. I was pretty sure that was a requirement of mine. I want a driver with good sound quality that simply has the output to blend into my front stage; the issue is that it's coming through a trunk so the output has to be considerable just to create a flat frequency response in the cabin.