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    1996 honda civic coupe

    just finished installing system, nothing to exiciting, 2 soundstream rubicon rub1000-2 for mids and high speakers crunch gp3000.1 pro amp for subwoofers 2 fi Q 15 inch subwoofers in sealed box, 2.6 c.f. each, box made from 1 1/8 inch plywood, 2x4 bracing inside box infinty perfect 6.1 mids and Dayton audio rs28f-4 tweeters alpine cda-117 cd player and pxa-h100 didnt have much time to listen to it, but sounds really good, only problem is that the subwoofers are only about 3 inches from the back of the front seats, pulled the back seat out and built an amp rack, then screwed the amp rack to the trunck opening, built a subwoofer floor had to add 1x1 pieces of wood so the floor would not pinch any wires, then screwed floor to the cars floor, havent secured the subwoofer box yet, im going to try subs facing foward or facing up to see which way sounds the best, the infinity mids are in stock location, tweeters are just screwed to the doorpanels, lol look like crap, it will work for now, i have a set of focal 260v3 speakers that im planing on installing after i fiberglass the doorpanels, these come with 10 inch midbass, 5 inch mids, and 3 inch tweeters, it should be a tight fit. d3100 battery in trunk, 0 guage power and ground wires, thats about it, here is a couple pictures, thanks for looking............. Brian
  2. 4Q15D1

    8 rli-8's...sneak peak

    i see an old rubicon, love those amps, which model is that?
  3. Hello everyone , i have a 1996 honda civic with a factory cassette player in the floor console, it looks like a single DIN opening, has anyone ever install a cd player into that opening? That would be nice to keep the factory stereo in trhe factory spot and keep my cd player down low.well thanks for any replies........... Brian
  4. 4Q15D1

    The PT Bruiser, 159.5db!!

    nice PT cruiser, i had one but sold it, miss it now, love the idea of wall, do you need a high amp alternator? I have a brand new never used 200 amp alternator from excessive amperage, i had a 2001 pt cruiser but i sold it before i could install the alternator. if interested let me know, thanks......... Brian
  5. 4Q15D1

    looking for 8 inch midbass speakers

    thanks for the replies, i have an alpine cda-117 and pxa-h100, dayton audio rs28f-4 1-1/8'' silk dome tweeter, fr range 16k to 20k hz also its 4 ohms this will be a 2 way active setup right now the doors have no sound deadening, but i will be doing that shortly, i had those hex mids in a sealed pod before in an old car i had , could handle more power that way but still didnt have the midbass i was looking for, right now they are just screwed to the factory spot on the door panels until i get some 8 inch mids, just looking for something to keep up better with 2 15 inch FI Qs, to be louder but still sound good, i am going to try the 8 inch mids sealed in their own pods, thanks for the replies ........................ Brian
  6. Hello everyone i'm looking to get some 8 inch midbass speakers for my doors, something that plays between 80hz and 1600hz, something that has alot of midbass and that sound good, i have aset of diamond audio hex 6 inch speakers right now, love the way they sound but they bottom out when putting too much power to them. i will be fiberglassing the bottom part of the doors to make the 8 inch mids fit. I'm looking for some mids that will handle some good power around 185 watts rms, P.A speakers are ok too. My car is a 1996 honda civic 2 door hatchback. well thanks for the replies............................. Brian
  7. Thanks for the replies, sorry i didnt make it clear that i used to have 4 FI Q 15s in a ptcruiser, sealed box with 2 facing up and 2 facing back, thats probably why it didnt sound so good???, next time ill make sure to have all the subs facing the same direction. I also had 2 crunch gp3000,1 on the four subs. Nothing wrong with the crunch amp, just wanted to try something else, i'll just keep that for now, nothing wrong with the ppi amps either i just had them for 12 years now, now i want something different like a nice high powered 4 channel like the c1100.4 , i'll sell the ppi amps and then buy the crescendo c1100.4 if i have to throw in a few dollars that will be ok. thanks Shogen i forgot about speaker displacement, so i'll add that on to the size of the box. Those that have listened or owned the c1100.4 amps what are your thoughts on those? well thanks for the replies everyone, Brian
  8. the box will be 2.6 cubes for each subwoofer, the subs are dual 1 ohm. thanks brian
  9. Hello, im thinking of getting some new amps for my system, I am really interested in these Crescendo amps, for the price dont seem too bad. I was wondering how the sound quality is on these? My subwoofers are FI q 15, two of them in a sealed box. My mid range speakers are diamond audio hex 6 inch tweeters are Dayton audio R528F-4, 4 ohm silk Alpine cda-117 and pxa-h100, going 2 way active front stage my amps i have right now are 2 ppi pc2600.2 for the front stage and a crunch gp3000.1 pro amp for the subwoofers, i have had the ppi amps for 12 years, realy like them, very clean sounding amps, i was wondering if the crescendo C1100.4 would sound just as good as the ppi? i had the crunch amp on my FI Qs and didnt really like the sound too much, maybe it was just the way i had them set up, with 2 subs facing up and 2 subs facing back? the bc3500d looks like a good amp, has anyone used those crunch gp3000 pro amps and the crescendo bc3500d? i had the crunch amp hooked up to 4 Treo tsx 12 inch subs and loved the sound of those more than the FI Qs, i would like to give those Qs another chance maybe using a different amp, i was wondering on the sound quality of the BC3500d on sealed subs, how well they control the subs, tight bass is what i like, i listen to alot of different music so an all around good sounding amp is what im looking for. thanks Brian
  10. Hello, i want to build a box for (2) FI Q 15s, here is the size of the area i have too work with WIDTH = 32 INCHES HEIGHT = 18 INCHES DEPTH = 29 INCHES I will be able to add height to the box if I shorten the depth for a sealed box i can use the cutout sheet that FI recommended at 2.5 c.f., i'll just build two seperate boxes then just bolt them together. now for a ported box i have no idea what volume or what to tune it to??? i listen to metal, rock, country, blues,everything inbetween, but i don't listen to rap. FI specs for a ported box is 2.8 - 4 cu. ft. and use 12-16 sq. inches of vent area per cubic ft. of volume. i would like a box that would not be too boomy, i like the sound of a sealed box but would like the extra output of a ported box? i dont know if i have the area for a ported box? if someone could come up with a design that could fit that would be great, I also would need a cut out sheet for the ported box, well thanks alot for any help or ideas......................... thanks Brian P.S my car is a 1996 honda civic hatchback.
  11. 4Q15D1

    2 older fi q15 subwoofers in sealed box

    thanks Impious for the reply, the down firing of the subs was mainly for protecting the subs, i like the sound of the diamond hex mids better than the perfects so i'll use them with no crossover, i have 2 ppi pc2600.2 amps, i'll use one on the mids and one on the tweeters as an active system, the crossover on the ppi amps is pretty good, the tweeters are 4ohm so it should work with the seperate amp. the kinds of music i listen too is mostly metal, but i also listen to rock, country, blues, and everything inbetween, but no rap. i like alot of midbass, plus i was told the Qs should be lowpassed at 80 hz, the diamond hexs have good midbass but really couldnt handle too much power , so if anyone know of some 7 inch or smaller mids that can handle around 150 watts rms and between play between 80 and 2k hz and have some good midbass thanks... what i would like for my system is to sound like a live concert. now for the subs should i just build the box like in the middle of the specs? I'll just have the sub box facing foward. i'll also use two seperate enclosers for the subs.... has anyone used those cone shaped spikes for the bottom of the subwoofer box in a car? i would think that would help to stop some of the vibration and rattles?????? thanks for the reply ........ brian
  12. hello im building a sealed box for 2 q15 subs in my 1996 honda civic hatchback, i have a few questions? 1.... should i have each sub in seperate chambers or the same chamber? what is the pros and cons of doing either? 2.... what kind of difference in sound should there be between the largest recommended size encloser and somewhere inbetween? and whats the pros and cons of each? 3.... what kind of effect would there be having the subs down facing? Now for my front stage i want some more midbass, i have 2 different types of 6.5 inch woofers, infinity perfect 6.1 and older set of diamond audio hex series, i was thinking of putting the infinitys in the doors and getting some q-form kick panels for the diamond hex. what are your thoughts on this setup? i will have these crossed over at 80 herts, i dont have the tweeters anymore for these sets so i ordered some silk dome tweeters from parts express and hook the tweeters up to the crossover from the diamond set, then use the infinity perfect 6.1 woofers with their crossover without a tweeter, these two sets would be hooked up to a single stereo amp, what are your guys thoughts on this setup? should i have the infinity set powered by a seperate amp and use the built in crossover on the amp? well thanks for reading...... brian
  13. 4Q15D1

    Q-forms in a s-10

    Hello everyone, i have two sets of 6.5 in. speakers im using as midbass in my s-10 pickup, im putting one speaker in the factory location and putting the other in Q-forms, has any body done this before, and how does this sound, then i am using some infinity 4x6 plate speakers in the factory location on top of the dash, the 6.5 will be crossed over at 60hrtz, then the infinity plates around 400 hrtz, has anyone heard a setup like this?I will have (4) q15s subwoofers in the box of the truck with a blow through to the cab, well i was just wondering what u all think about this setup, ty, brian
  14. hello, well i decided to put my (4) Q 15in. subwoofers in the bed of my chevy s-10, standard cab, it will be a blow through, has anyone done this? where can i get some information on how to do this? where i can find the boot to put between the cab and box? well thanks for your help, Brian