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  1. RFIRE15

    Need a new system!!

    Hey guys! Long time no talk! Just bought a new truck and I'm going nuts listening to the stock system, so some changes are in order! I would like to build a box to put under the back seat where there seems to be a decent amount of room. Thing is I will need shallow mount subs! I was just going to go with the kicker shallow mounts, 2 10's which are less then $90 each but then I came accross the stereo integrity shallow mount which only come in a 12" Pretty sure I will not have a problem building a box to accomodate 2 12's which will have much more bump that I love! They have a dual 4ohm VC's with a 450watt rms rating so I would need an amp that would put out betweeen 800-1000 watt rms at 1ohm. The issue is I refuse to remove the stock head unit so I can continue to take advantage of the ford sync system. I want an amp that has a high level input like the kicker mono amps but they will only go down to 2ohms. Any and all suggestions would be wonderful. Ray PS <3 Denim
  2. RFIRE15

    Introducing the first SSA subwoofer

    I'll see what I can do, been working most saturdays but might be off that one. You going to bring your new toy with you?
  3. RFIRE15

    Introducing the first SSA subwoofer

    Baltimore FTW Props to you Aaron.. long time no see, glad things are going well! I really need to get back into my hobbies. Getting married, having a kid and moving into a house put a damper on things. Ray
  4. RFIRE15

    List your computer specs

    I'm really in need of an upgrade, but this is currently what i'm running... Epox 8rda+ AMD 2500+ barton @ 2.2ghz dialy (could bench up to 2.5) 1GB of Kingston PC4000 dual WD 80gig SE's raid 0 ATI 9800pro (could bench it up to 535core with my watercooling) 550watt TTGI PSU i think thats about it.. little old, but had to post
  5. RFIRE15

    in dash monitors

    i havent had any skipping problems with my 935VXD guess i need more bass
  6. RFIRE15

    New Tires

    make sure you dont change the size of the tires unless you replace all 4 of them
  7. RFIRE15

    XXX vs Brahma

    Thanks for the info Dave! XXX's are cheaper I think, whats the power rating for those Brahma's? 1800watts might better suite the XXX's anyway.
  8. RFIRE15

    XXX vs Brahma

    isn't there duribility problems with the brahma's haven't really heard many bad things about the XXX's at all
  9. RFIRE15

    New box for my Kickers

    i'm running 2 12's
  10. RFIRE15

    New box for my Kickers

    about 5cubic feet
  11. RFIRE15


    ever get it?
  12. RFIRE15

    New box for my Kickers

    thats what i should tune the box to... or the resonant frequency of the car, requiring the tuning of like 48hz? thanks!
  13. Whats going on guys? Building a new box for my 2 12" L5's and i'm curious about the tuning i should go with. I will have a removable port in the center. The main port will be for SPL. What would be the optimal SPL tuning frequency for a Grand Prix? The box is in the trunk facing the back of the car. I was going to just go with 40hz, but thought i'd get some input from you guys. I have no idea what the resonant frequency of my car would be... maybe someone can venture a close guess. The port that will slide in is for SQ to change the tuning to around 29-30hz Thanks guys!
  14. RFIRE15

    What xxx setup should i go with

    i'd go with 4 15's myself
  15. RFIRE15

    addicting number game....

    eh, best i could get was a 33.... tried pretty hard to beat that 32 mark though lol