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Hey guys, here's a little about me.  I've lived in this area of Indiana my entire life.  Started learning about audio (home audio) from some very knowledgable friends when I was about 13.  By the age of 16 I had already built about 5 or 6 boxes myself and when I started driving that changed alot.  My first car audio system consisted of a Pioneer tape deck, Sony Discman, US Amps A50HC and a pair of 12" Thump subwoofers in a 4.5 cuft box tuned to 38hz.  Being young and stupid I traded the US Amps competition amp for a pair of Profile A200XL's.  Dumb, I know.  I've built many enclosures including a few bandpass's which were fun.  I prefer the sound of Ported enclosures to Sealed for the low end extension.  My wife's van is easily the best and most expensive setup I've ever had and I hope it doesn't end there.  If you're ever going to be near the Vincennes Indiana area, drop me a line, would be great to meet a fellow member and check out eachother's rides!