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  1. dblovah51

    cs 1100.4 stable on 16v

    my boy about to run 14v set up n couldnt find info for the 1100.4
  2. dblovah51


    These subs sounds amazing had them on a sq1200 for a few days and was amazed with the low end response. 7.6cb 120sq port
  3. About to do a build for a 15" evil to ran by a AQ3500 I'm thinking about 4cubes and 65sq of port at 34-35hz. What's you guys take on that open to better suggestions.
  4. dblovah51

    15" evil enclosure?

    he is trying to also do well on the meter for the trunk class category so tuning that low may make metering decent a bit more difficult to achieve, although i know tuning that sucka like you guys said at 30hz will be a pretty nice groundpounder.
  5. dblovah51

    15" evil enclosure?

    Thanks, no problem will do
  6. dblovah51

    N2 recone kit work for ufo style?

    i figured they would dropped in because the baskets are the same as, but was unsure of what happens in the gap. but thanks for the response.
  7. hi i wanted to know if there is a downside to using an N2 recone on a ufo btl, because i have a friend with 2 recones and have no use for them and i needed recone. would they work?
  8. dblovah51

    N2 recone kit work for ufo style?

    no one?
  9. dblovah51

    Stetsom amp repair

    They told me to contact demetric bond in NC to repair our 14k that's about 3 days old smh but so skeptical about where to send it because I've seen bad experience in repairs to a 11k those amps are PIA.
  10. dblovah51

    help diagnosing 11k2d goin in protect.

    That's exactly what am sayin knowin that ppl run that as low as .25..but the coils are good the subs are BRAND NEW mayhem and each coils are readin the same,, a guy who repairs them said it could b a chip that's stuck so he ordered one to try that.
  11. A friend of mine sent his 11k to get the mosfets replaced, it was repaired and sent back to him. And immediately he installed it and is now seein protection after we start to gain on the bass a little. It flashes once, which in the manual states low ohm and short circuit. Brand new mayhems @1ohm
  12. dblovah51

    help diagnosing 11k2d goin in protect.

    sure have no problem tryin it, but what's ur opinion if it stil does it at 4ohm which ill wire it to?
  13. dblovah51

    help diagnosing 11k2d goin in protect.

    No we haven't even considering it bein that it won't b playing it at that ohm load
  14. dblovah51

    help diagnosing 11k2d goin in protect.

    Was hopin someone like jefferson for stetsom would chime in...
  15. dblovah51

    help diagnosing 11k2d goin in protect.

    Even when we connect a dual 2 mayhem to it it still protects as u begin to gain on the amp.
  16. dblovah51

    help diagnosing 11k2d goin in protect.

    I think the amp was bein played on a low voltage battery bank and had no volt meter to identify the batteries was drained by a dead one, that caused the first failure.
  17. dblovah51

    help diagnosing 11k2d goin in protect.

    6 kinetix 2400. 2 xs d3100.. ohio gen 180amp. It play for almost a year with out problems but after the fets went out and was repaired then came the protect issue..the voltage doesn't even drop below 13.8 before protection.
  18. dblovah51

    2004 trailblazer dual alt!

    hey troy i wanted to know if by any chance u have designed a dual kit for the 2004 4.2l trailblazer? my boy told me u did but am not sure if he had the right info brought to me!
  19. dblovah51


    i say the mtx< those amps do put out more than rated, i have eve seen one of those amps put out 2k +
  20. Where is this equation? Can you post me a link or post the equation? Thanks if you can! Forgive my ignorance, I do amps, not sub boxes, but I have in the past, but all sealed, so i am still "new" to vented boxes.... U CAN DO YOUR PORT AT 17.25 +5.25+19'' DEEP that should get u where u wanna be!