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  1. Slacker

    Back Again

    It has been some time dude. Yeah, the truck was still just as loud but it was dying on me so I had to change it up. Right now that system is riding around in the back of a civic LOL
  2. Slacker

    Back Again

    After a few year vacation I'm back. Since then the Explorer and the system are gone and now I have an 06 Altima. In the coming months I'll be trying to do something small like a single 10 or a 12. I miss anything good? haha.
  3. Slacker

    Anyone near Richmond Virginia ???????

    I'm about 15 min from downtown Richmond. We could probably hear each other on a clear night
  4. Slacker

    Hey everyone. Been a while

    Hey all what's going on? Been quite a while since I was last on here. Had a nice AIM convo with Dave Edwards and that got me back to checking out the board. I've just been so damn busy since I moved back to my parents house 2 years ago. I'm going to school, working 25+hours a week, coaching high school football and baseball, playing hockey and softball, along with trying to have a life. To say the least I'm a bit busy. I'm going to try to dedicate some time to checking the board atleast a few times a week. Just wanted to let the few that do know me that I'm back.
  5. Slacker

    Hey everyone. Been a while

    Seeing as he has trunk space in the cam we should all be careful
  6. Slacker

    Hey everyone. Been a while

    I noticed haha. I'm going to try to find a sunday to make it down since Dave said ya'll do that pretty much any weekend.
  7. Slacker

    Welcome to the IHoP

    mmmmmmmmmm p9 *drools*
  8. Slacker

    long time no see guys

    yea i think i was. i remembered hearing someone say 144 but i could be wrong. it was about 85 with 23498739084% humidity on the day of the comp so that had a role in everyones scores. i was pleased with 3rd though...i gave my buddy the trophy because he paid for me to enter hehe.
  9. Slacker

    long time no see guys

    Hey guys what's goin on? Been a while hasn't it? I know I wasn't really here a whole lot to begin with but I've been SUPER busy with everything as of late and just now have time to reacquaint myself with my computer so how's the SWVA WVA people been????? I did a 142.5 in a comp in Richmond a few weeks ago, got 3rd place. Just wanted to tell ya'll i'm back. -Matt
  10. Slacker

    long time no see guys

    definitely a lot more traffic jim haha. hiya aaron, site looks good man.
  11. i won't be there either going to the be at VA beach for the memorial day weekend.
  12. nice. coming from richmond mapquest has me not going to c-burg then over, but i'll probably go down there anyway and go that way...maybe meet and follow someone *cough* dave *cough*
  13. cool. once i get to princeton will it be hard to find the pepsi plant or will it be pretty obvious?
  14. i woulda had fun walking all over people, i doubt the case will be the same at the team smoke show.
  15. sorry i couldnt make it either, i had a prior obligation that i needed to attend, i will be at the team smoke show though. looks like you guys had a good time.
  16. Slacker

    2nd Annual Team Smoke Show

    i won't be able to go to the shelor show because of a prior obligation....i got the dates mixed up. i will be at the show in princeton though.
  17. Slacker

    Princeton wv 2nd annual sound off

    i see that in your sig it says that it's going to be the 28th instead of the 26th. i'll still be there.
  18. Slacker

    How old are YOU?

    18, 19 in july. you'd never guess it those who've seen me.
  19. Slacker

    Lets play a game.....

    my name is Matt, and i enjoy long walks on the beach
  20. id be going if i wasnt going to be in atlanta this weekend. i'll be at the ones in may though.
  21. Slacker

    2nd Annual Team Smoke Show

    marked my calender. i can't think of a reason why i wouldn't be able to go now, closer to the date, that's a different story. pencil me in. i'll be out of school by then and it says 4hrs from my house...bah i'll make it in under 3.
  22. Slacker

    REALLY loud daily?

    vj hurry up and make up your mind. you know that once you get subs you'll want to compete.
  23. Slacker

    The Official Food Thread...

    haha, yea. neglected to mention those because i'm trying to cut back on em. they mess with my internals, especially the keys.