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  1. emfk

    has a cop swerved you because of your subs?

    Enforcing a noise ordinance is corrupt? I'm confused now.
  2. emfk

    Some custom goodies...

    Battery terminals are sexy!
  3. emfk

    Is this a good ground spot???

    I had some tiedown hooks in the bak of my car. I just swapped in a bolt and sanded the paint. Try maybe pulling plastics to find a decent ground though. I found a ton when I was putting in deadener
  4. emfk


    ^^in the camaro?
  5. emfk


    Welcome! I loves me a blowthrough! I like your choice on amp location too. Usually see those in the cab. Zcons are going to destroy in there
  6. emfk

    What head units would you like to see in the store?

    Best post. . Sadly, that is a mega investment that is not in the NEAR. Awwww....you guys know EXACTLY what we want though...what other H/U manufacturer could say that? The man's got a point!
  7. emfk

    Sunroof cover rattle

    Sounds good! I'll pick some up soon and let you know how it goes. Thanks!
  8. emfk

    Sunroof cover rattle

    Im looking for some advice on killing the rattle from my sliding sunroof cover. When it's slid open, it's ridiculously loud, but when it's closed, it's not bad at all. I'm planning on dropping the headliner to put some damplifier up there soon. Just don't want to go in blind and waste product.
  9. emfk

    Trunk deadner

    Wow. Sorry to bring that old of a thread back lol
  10. emfk

    Trunk deadner

    I slapped some damplifier on the back of my plate the other day and tightened it down as much as possible. Took care of most noise. Before, it was almost unbearable.
  11. emfk

    What head units would you like to see in the store?

    Pioneer, alpine, Kenwood. Also, eclipse of possible. Do you plan on carrying double din also? Or more focused on single?
  12. emfk

    B-Stock Damplifier Pro!

    Worked through the night to finish up the doors, hatch, and trunk. I always thought that just the damplifier wouldn't make much of a difference, especially without the other steps, all I can say is this stuff is phenomenal. I'm amazed at how much of an improvement it's made already, and I still have half a box! My celica barely had any factory sound deadening, and was unbearable even in the city. I can't stop running errands now, just as an excuse to sit in silence! Midbass has vastly improved too, along with overall clarity, and let me repeat myself, I still have half a box left. And trust me, I went liberal. I'm getting ready to order another pack for the ladie's cobalt! She's jealous Thanks again for the amazing product guys!
  13. emfk

    NS-1s Are Here !

    That thing is ridiculous. Better believe I'm going to have to start putting some money aside!
  14. emfk

    B-Stock Damplifier Pro!

    Haha, not ups this time. That's me balancing school and third shift And I'm sure I will! I might even yank off the doors before work and just go trimless a few days
  15. emfk

    B-Stock Damplifier Pro!

    Just got mine today after missing two delivery attempts Looks great! I'll update once I get it in