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  1. i dont have all that money to spend like he does

  2. thespoon25

    Michael Jackson =

    i think they actually said that he was taking a bunch of prescription drugs, so it may have been an overdose. at least thats what some news show said tonight
  3. thespoon25

    2004 IS300 Lexus Setup

    Thanks guys! ill edit my first post tonight with lots of pictures in it. The pics of my amp are going to be my old PR.500 Memphis booooooooo. But pics of the 1500D will be up shortly after. So its nothing special, but try not to make fun, and enjoy!
  4. youre a douchebag.

  5. So yea... for like the past hour it says something about a driver being down, and the website layout and everything is completely changed.....wtf. is anyone elses like that?
  6. thespoon25

    Acura TL

    Setup looks nice even though im not a huge fan of the JL stuff...I love the Acura , but not the smoked lights with that color car.....idk looks odd to me. nice setup though
  7. thespoon25

    What kind of numbers do you think i can get.....?

    haha thanks, i appreciate the fix...haha ...my box faces the sub up, which kind of sucks :/. i didnt want it like that to begin with, but ohwell, it was really cheap and its a good box otherwise...
  8. thespoon25

    What kind of numbers do you think i can get.....?

    okay, i understand you now. Apparently the car i has meters well from what i heard...but we shall see in a few weeks. once i get the amp in this weekend and get teh wiring cleaned up, be looking for a build log
  9. thespoon25

    What kind of numbers do you think i can get.....?

    who said anything about being louder to the ear though? I was in Amateur Street 2 last time, and im switching classes with the new amp and battery, and wanted to see what you guys thought,because i dont want to get murdered in my new class
  10. thespoon25

    What kind of numbers do you think i can get.....?

    and im adding an extra battery. forgot to mention that
  11. thespoon25

    What kind of numbers do you think i can get.....?

    are you joking? (to the first response)i got 137.1 with just the 500 watt amp...... and i have SOME experience with competitions...looking to get more into it.
  12. dont you love that i stalk you on SSA now ? haha just kidding babe.....im trying to learn! so maybe i can be as loud as you one day...... :P

  13. thespoon25


    no wonder MemphisMzd gave me his....jakcalope
  14. thespoon25

    low blue boy

    yea, that looks like (im going to be proper) a hispanic got a hold of that thing. the body kit, grill, everything looks like a turd.
  15. thespoon25

    big green

    please tell me there was not a freaking baby in the first green car......haha and we've got those ALLL over my town of Durham, NC.
  16. thespoon25

    Smoking Problems @ work

    im a smoker as wel, but i hate it in a closed off tiny room with like 2398239843 people smoking in it, and definitely if im not smoking i hate to smell it. You did the right thing most definitely. and to MemphisMzd - you smoked in a restaraunt 2 days ago. soooooo STFU
  17. thespoon25

    lets have somne fun wife/girfriend

    I appreciate that Alan (MemphisMzd). tooo bad i just dropped 550 for you to get the 3000D you wanted.....ASS
  18. thespoon25

    Wisdom Teeth

    great, mine get taken out in 3 weeks. my friends have said it was only 2 days before they were fine again though....yall must have some crazy wisdom teeth thing goin on
  19. thespoon25

    While at the carwash...

    my boyfriend wouldve done the same thing. Me on the otherhand, if anyone does that, and i know mines louder...i cant help but turn it up and watch their jaws drop. Its funny to see peoples reactions because im a tiny white girl in a lexus.
  20. thespoon25

    Sundown 1200SAE

    i would wait. i have a Fi 15' loaded, and im upgrading from a memphis to sundown 1500D soon......and from what ive seen sundown do, its definitely worth the wait.the Fi can be alot louder with the 1500 so thats what i say. cause theres no point in getting a 1200 even if u think u want the 1500. get what i mean?
  21. I love you baby cakes!

  22. thespoon25

    How did you guys find SSA???

    my boyfriend dragged me....haha no MemphisMzd introduced me to audio and the world of SSA, wanted to see what all the fuss was about :]
  23. thespoon25


    wow is all i can say.....
  24. thespoon25

    I forced myself to join....

    So i'm new here, but i know and hear about this website almost every day of my life; so i had to join see what its all about. My boyfriend is MemphisMzd, and he is freaking crazy about this place, and i have not only one, but 2 of your guys stickers on my car as it is, so needless to say, i was involved without being involved. Getting to the audio point, I was never into Audio stuff until i met Alan, or as you guys know "MemphisMzd" . At first i had 2 MTX audio 12's which were pieces of shit...even though i thought i was awesome riding around with them. I upgraded to a 10 inch Rockford Fosgate T1 which Alan sold to me...Then it blew within 2 months of having it, so i upgraded to a PR.500 Memphis amp and a 15 inch M3. Several weeks ago, Alan and I started competing and after he got his 2 SSA XCONS, he let me put the FIBL 15 in my car...which is what i have now. We're building a new box because i got my new Lexus, and ill hopefully be upgrading to a Sundown SAZ-1000D, or a Memphis PR.1000 amp. Not sure which to go with yet. if you have any opinions about it or what i should do, im all ears. thanks :]
  25. thespoon25

    X-con 15s video

    They really seem to be tough bastards and i can beat the price. only get used on a few tracks for testing then i get them for 25 each.