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    Tracking number on SP4 order

    Its been 1 month since I placed my order and sent payment and have not recived the shipping tracking number or my order
  2. oscar r

    1 SP4 12 or 2 SSD 12

    Yup SP4 r taking forever to arrive
  3. oscar r

    Tracking number on SP4 order

    Lol those dds r loud enough right
  4. oscar r

    Tracking number on SP4 order

    Ok I found it. It says order is being processed. Does that mean its still being built or setting up shipping
  5. good thing no one got hurt in that car accident. ill upload a video of what i got at the show
  6. ill be there 6k and 2 18s
  7. oscar r

    Gumbysmoke's Crossfire xs v2 18" Wall Build

    looking good
  8. @27hz i think,

    u have him as a friend.. UpGradde

  9. oscar r


    From the album: van

  10. cool i wired it up already and it worked but sounds the same
  11. so what you are trying to say is that which subs will sound louder in dbs in the same set up... this is my opinion 1.Fi BL Xmax is 28mm 2.Fi Q Xmas is 28mm 3.RE SXX and SSA ICON have 20 and 20.5mm theres also a dude selling 2 15" crossfires xs v2 for $1,000 shipped on **** the xmax on those subs are in the mid 30s and thats the same price i paid my my 18s xs v2s lol if the xmax is greater you will hit the lows better, the subs are going to move up and down alot
  12. oscar r

    Car Audio Black Friday SALE's?

    ssa is having one
  13. whos having sales.. i found one from Fi Car Audio
  14. what input wire gauge does it have??
  15. oscar r

    Street Havoc Car Show @ San Antonio

    haha i know yea idk what wrong and wats did big jon's score
  16. oscar r

    Street Havoc Car Show @ San Antonio

    What? Big oscar flexin his nut sack once again lol. Ha this was at a different event, different town, different day. Looks nice and all. You got this score with 2 18" btls and 2 soundstream 3400.1's right? Or did you just have one connected? Good deal with the trophy but I'd be killin myself if I got that score with that big old setup lol. yea i had both but they give about the same watts, i need to get lower ohms on the subs to be louder, and when i seperate them i go higher in ohms
  17. oscar r

    Street Havoc Car Show @ San Antonio

    i got 2nd at 148.0
  18. oscar r

    Street Havoc Car Show @ San Antonio

    wat??? damn u guys got lucky, i could have gotten 1st place by screaming in the car lol
  19. oscar r

    stetsom 14k's

  20. oscar r

    My 500 mile adventure today!