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  1. I already have one 15" MAW and i love it. I would really like to add another to the mix. If anyone has one that they are willing to sell, or you know where i can pick one up please let me know. Thanks in advance.
  2. alan412

    97 Maxima Build Log

    That battery rack is sick
  3. Yes it's still a no-no. haha ok thanks for the help
  4. I know that bass boost on the amp is a NO NO but my headunit has a bass boost option. is that still a NO NO?
  5. So, I'm currently in the process of setting my gains for my 4 channel amp and mono amp. I've been researching on how to properly set your gains using a digital multimeter, and it seems like every forum and website tells you a different way to do it. The SSA forum stood out to me and made the most sense about gain setting, but it still left me with a few questions. My first question is should i set my gains for the 4 channel amp first or the mono, or does it even matter? When i set my gains for the 4 channel amp i will be using a 0 dB 1000Hz test tone, but what i'm not sure of is what settings should i use for my head unit? A lot of people say to set everything to 0. I'm just not sure. Than when i set my gains for the mono amp, how should i set up the head unit. Bass Boost all the way up? And Subwoofer control all the way up? or opposite? Also what volume should i have the head unit at when setting the gain?
  6. alan412

    Is this normal?

    I'm using 12 gauge wire. ii just retested with the coils wired in parallel and im getting exactly 2.0ohm. i dont know why it was reading 2.5 before but things seem fine now. thanks for the help
  7. alan412

    Is this normal?

    I retested each coil this morning. i touched the probes together and i got .1ohm. one read 4.1 ohm which is perfect and the other was reading 4.2, i guess thats ok?
  8. alan412

    Is this normal?

    one reads 4.5 and the other 4.4
  9. alan412

    Is this normal?

    i have one dual voice coil 4 ohm sub. i wired it to 2 ohm. i checked the resistance with a DMM and the read out i got was 2.5 ohms. is this normal? also when setting my gain should i use the formula 500 watts x 2 ohm = sqrt (1000) = 31.62 or should i do 500 watts x 2.5 ohm???
  10. I need help with a box design for a 15" Mach5Audio MAW sub. The recommended sealed box size for this sub is 62 litres (2.2 cu.ft.) 30hz tuning. I would like an enclosure designed exactly to these specs if possible. Thanks in advance!
  11. alan412

    T-Line box for a Fi Bl 12

    Very Nice!
  12. alan412

    How Much Power...

    can i put to one 15 MAW dual 4? I know it says 500 watts rms, but i wanted to know if it can handle more power than that and if so how much? Thanks