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  1. Tre The Truth

    95 Honda Accord Build Crossfire XS-V2 18"

    Went through all 11 pages...looks GOOD, man! People think it's about throwing 4-6 subs & 5k worth of power to get loud. Do your thing, man & show them...less is more!
  2. Tre The Truth

    Tre' B's '03 Impala.

    2003 Impala V6. Pioneer Premier 690UB Headunit. Cadence CEQ-773 EQ. Audioque 6.5" Pro Audio Mids & Power Acoustik tweeters. Sundown SAX-100.4 w/ 4-gauge wiring. Audioque HDC3 18" Hifonics BRZ1700.1D w/ 0-gauge wiring. 5.5cuft ported box @ 35Hz. Big 3 in 4-gauge wiring. 200 amp alternator & stock battery. Sundown by Tre' The Truth, on Flickr HDC3 by Tre' The Truth, on Flickr HDC3 III by Tre' The Truth, on Flickr I'll update w/ amp, EQ, & final install pics, this weekend.
  3. Tre The Truth

    Headunit Trouble.

    I checked my radio/wiring harness & re-wired everything. I think it's because when I hooked the amp up last time, I wired the speakers straight from the amp to the head unit & it shorted the outputs? My deck still comes out & I can flip through everything. I disconnected the battery & still no sound. Guess I need a new head unit & speakers now...
  4. Tre The Truth

    Post your Audio Setup!!!

    - Pioneer DEH-690ub. - Pioneer 6.5's. - Kenwood 6.5's. - Kenwood 350w 2-Channel amp for front speakers. - 4-gauge wiring. - Custom ported box @ 32Hz. - 2-12" Precision Power PPI PRO 124's [Dual 4-ohm]. - Audioque 2200D.
  5. Tre The Truth

    Headunit Trouble.

    My Pioneer 690ub powers on, I can flip through the menus, and set everything. But, I don't have sound from any of my speakers. I tried them on a stock radio, so they aren't blown. so I'm thinking it's the head unit speaker outputs. If my head unit outputs are blown, can I still hook up a 2-channel amp to my front 6.5's? Or do I have to replace my whole head unit? Trying to get my sounds right before I upgrade, so I can Any help is appreciated.
  6. Tre The Truth

    UPS and Fedex just keep coming and coming > : )

    Nice Charger and system. That's was my first choice on my new system, but I'm going with 2-12" Fi Q's + Sundown 1200D. Can't wait to get all of my old stuff sold + upgrade. Just in time for the Summer! Bang, bang, bang! Loving the setup, dude! Can't wait to see the install pics/videos.
  7. Tre The Truth

    2 SSD 12

    I know this is a little old, but I plan on upgrading to 2-12" Fi SSD's. I already have a Kicker ZX 750.1 amp that I'll power them with. I'll get a custom box made and a Optima Yellow Top for my trunk. Possibly upgrade to a Sundown 1000D.
  8. Tre The Truth

    Keep Your Packaging!

    This is why you keep your original packaging...rattle rattle rattle...but it still plays. LMAO! Fi FTW 2-12" Fi SSD coming soon!
  9. Tre The Truth

    Tickets for loud music

    I'm 20 and...she was probably around 26/27. Not bad looking either...at all. Put it like this... I'd put some pole bracing in her ported box.
  10. Tre The Truth

    School posted up a pic of our build!

    Nice to see that loud music and bass isn't a negative thing in some people's eyes and Fi Car Audio getting good exposure. Everybody has a different hobby and ours just happens to be car audio.
  11. Tre The Truth

    Tickets for loud music

    I was jammin' in a local parking lot and didn't hit ATT in time. There were 10 police cars in the parking lot, all occupied by 1 or more officers. Female officer came over and asked me to keep it down and asked why I had it so loud. Told her "Just being careless." Female officer: "What kind of subs do you have?" Me: "Just 2-12's and a 750w amp." Female officer: "What kind?" Me: "Just MA Audio and a Kicker amp." Her: "Nice, I just upgraded to 2-12" MTX subs. Just keep it down for me and be safe." BASS FTW!
  12. Tre The Truth

    Post your Audio Setup!!!

    -Kenwood KDC-MP4032 [installed] Pioneer Deck [Coming Soon] -Pioneer 6.5's [Front Doors - Installed] -Kenwood 6.5's [Rear Deck - Installed] Sony 480w 2-Channel Amp [installing to front speakers] -2-12" MA Audio subs; 300w rms each; dual 4-ohm [Temporary setup] 1 or 2 -12" Fi SSD [Dual 2 Ohm; Copper Coil] [Coming Soon] -Kicker ZX750.1 Amp [installed] - Bought from a friend from high school for $65.
  13. Tre The Truth

    Tickets for loud music

    I play my music loud every time I pull out my driveway. I've gotten a verbal warning and a ticket warning. I was in a different city, but same state that I live in. Police gave me ticket warning, asked if I knew why I was being pulled over. I told him "yes sir, because of my music." I already knew, so no need to lie. Just told me keep it down and be responsible, drive safe...no biggie.
  14. Tre The Truth

    Lookie what I got

    That drum hits harder than ***** *****, Paul Strouth, and Justin w/ 12 - Nightshade 18's.
  15. nice audio setup man, I went to UTI, but had to transfer back to SC, got too expensive.