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  1. Wow. Absolute morons shouldn't answer threads for them lol
  2. Ssa tweets?

    On axis always means pointing right at your head. Nothing else. Tweeters sound like crap pointed like that, but full ranges sound like crap if they don't. Perhaps that sways you to the tweeter...
  3. Ssa tweets?

    Can't say that an on axis tweeter has ever sounded the best to me on the a pillar. Full ranger absolutely but tweeter not usually. Big difference when using a driver with good off axis response and not up there as well though.
  4. Ssa tweets?

    Should really focus on the mounting locations before picking driver and crossover frequency. Aiming and location would be exactly how I'd then narrow down both the driver and crossover point.
  5. Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    Just don't leave the cheap ones plugged in all the time.
  6. Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    Landed at 1am here in minny. Was 86 degrees which was warmer than my whole 2 weeks in socal
  7. Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    The plateau is nuts
  8. Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    I've had one take 12 hours to go from 165 to 170f
  9. Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    Brined 140f is fine, fresh needs to hit 195f or so
  10. Still a little confused. You have a component set which implies passive yet ask about active. What all have you wired/plan to, what equipment do you have and what are your goals?
  11. Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    You shouldn't need audio mayhem to come here. Miss you round these parts.
  12. Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    Don't bother with the M. The catastrophe you will have in reliability is just not worth it and the 5.0 is ridiculously effective. 3 stop lights in a row a Lambo couldn't leave me. AWD and torque are awesome. I am a HUGE M fan, but these days the possibility of ridiculous repair bills make them unobtanium. Damn AMG taught me that. ...of course I still really NEED an S8.
  13. Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    As long as you get it up to final temp all is ok. Can always tell because a fork will tear it.
  14. Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    Have to say I enjoyed driving the X6 5.0 around...almost enough to where I wish I would have done that instead of the big ugly.
  15. Welcome to the IHoP v.2

    Still in CA. Had to give the X6 5.0 back....and now I want one.