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  1. rece 252

    whats the best recone from fi to rebuild aa havoc.

    man that looks good what kind of options did you get?
  2. rece 252

    whats the best recone from fi to rebuild aa havoc.

    thanks for your input thats what i was lookin.
  3. want to know what fi soft parts to beef up my aa12" havocs .will the motor support an spl optiion or would it be better daily, or in between. .......... FRANKIN HAVOCS ON THE WAY????????!!!P.S. CAN YOU GUYS HELP ME!!!!!!
  4. rece 252

    T2 12 vs AA Havo ??????

    oh I see what this is ur in the same club with no idea. His answer was fair right.he also said I was imature rite? Okay check this I won't stoop to u guys level. I just asked a?? Simple ?? Rite. Look at the simple real world answers.I didn't need someone to tell me what to put .this is a forum I thought where everone askes ??s. Are there certaiin ones I have to rite? Bevis. Go find buthead. And 69 each other !!!!!
  5. rece 252

    T2 12 vs AA Havo ??????

    Thanks you guy who gave me a real world answer.I know I'm human and don't know it all .but I guess in the case of mr.stefnhighnote {a.k.a P.W.K want a be}shouid have his own forums DICKS R US. LOL .why think he hits highnotes.
  6. rece 252

    T2 12 vs AA Havo ??????

    :popcorn:Okay guys if I new I wouldn't ask. But I gave my own opion to my customer.Wich is better more durable. Handles power better I think the t2s are over rated but seems to be a pretty rugged sub. But I think the havocs will. Do just as good if not better. So could i please get some imput on this...........
  7. rece 252

    Whats up everyone!!

    Bigdog I see you found this ,how's every thing ur way?
  8. I have 3 12 setup built with aa havocs box tuned 30 hz customer want alittle more power and alittle louder so I'm going to change tuning to 38 and use the mayhem. Or.ni Nightshade.wihich will hold up more? Will both sound decent tuned low 30 or tuned high 38 or better?
  9. booth are terrific subs in my opinion. are they in the same class ?do they have a particular application?
  10. rece 252

    New AA dealer in eastern N.C.

    Wilson N.C.
  11. BRIDGERS PERFORMANCE is announcing that they will be selling the Ascendant Audio subwoofer line in N.C. ,you can email Willie Bidgers at bridgers41@gmail.com. for a price quote.
  12. has not set their status

  13. has not set their status

  14. has not set their status

  15. This is rece 252 lookin price quotes on AA line my zip 27893. Asap thanks guys. P.s. wbridgers@yahoo.com ,wbridgers68@gmail.com.