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Found 79 results

  1. The anticipation is killing me. Summer days go by and I'm not bumping. How long am I looking at to receive my single zcon recone? Ordered on 6/7. I was hoping it would arrive in 2-3 weeks. Anyone have any input on how long it took for them to receive a recone?
  2. Alright guys, I finally got my build up and running (its in the build log section if you need to see it) and I am asking myself if I need more power. Currently I am running an AB1100.1, and during testing had it wired up but scored a 150.2. After wiring it down for peak power from the amp it scored a 154.2. Te reason I ask this is because these subs seem to be laughing at that amp.. I mean I know they are underrated at 2250 RMS but they literally only move 3/4 of an inch at most (20-30hz) and get stupid loud in that box. I am looking to add more batteries, maybe another alt, and maybe gonna add another AB1100.1. I am just worried that the 3" coil wont be able to handle it at full power.. Anybody have any ideas on what they think they could take (I only give clean power), or know of anyone who has had these up around that power level?
  3. Heres a crappy Iphone video of my 2 15" SSA Icons in my Dodge Dakota on a Crescendo BC2000, Roof supports keep breaking off so theres a nasty roof rattle on the low notes.
  4. Took some videos tonight after work. Just having fun and enjoying the system. Hope you all can enjoy it as much as I do.
  5. Few videos of my XCON 15 in the trunk of my 530, seats up, on an Audiopipe 3000D @ 4ohm. The XCON definitely puts in work. More deadener and better mids & highs are much needed now ha.....ha http://youtu.be/QWFQXvUo3yQ http://youtu.be/AcQjwYm-Grk http://youtu.be/575_mX_2EuY
  6. This is one of the 18's from Lance's Yukon. I picked it up with the intentions of using it and was never able to and I need to get rid of it now haha. It is in great condition with just a few chips in the ferrite part of the motor and a small nick in the spider. It plays fine though. I'll take 410 shipped or 350+ shipping to you, whichever is less. If you're local to 76708 (Waco, TX) I'll take 325 just to save the hassle of shipping. On to the pics Small nick in the spider. Nothing big. I will take trades for a Crescendo BC2000d if we split shipping on the Zcon or a Zcon/Mayhem/BTL N2 12". I will also take a pair of Xcons or Icons + Cash. If you have any other trades just ask me. Let me know!
  7. Shogen

    15" SSA Xcon D1

    Up for grabs is my 15" Xcon...minor scuffs, almost minty.... been running sealed off a Crescendo BC3500D ..... Have to go smaller as my suspension on my Camry cannot handle the extra weight.... sadly need to part with it Price is $325 OBO + actual shipping costs..... sale closed .... sale closed
  8. Would just like to share my experience with the Evil in the first week of owning it. If you have any questions in regards to its performance or the like, just post a comment or question below. My previous setups have been, 15" SSA ZCON, 15" SSA ICON, 18" F.i. BTL ufo.
  9. Here is my 2000 camaro SS i bought a few weeks ago. not wasting any time making it better! Car has a ton of bolt on performance goodies as well as suspension goodies. T-tops 6-speed. Im sure gearheads worldwide are going to hate me for this but **** em! Its my car and i bought it to do exactly this. Im not going to lead on too much about all the equipment im using for this build. All im really going to say is the ZCONS are on the way!!!! Its going to be hell fitting 18+cubes, batteries, and amps but im up to the challenge. Here is a few teaser shots untill real progress is made. My buddie Chris helping me out before the last USAC show. getting it all cleaned out!! On with the box build. Im shooting for 18 cubes. Thats all i got for today. hope to make more progress this weekend
  10. I am only posting this for observational reasons. F.i. SP4 18" Fully loaded 3,000rms - $564 plus shipping DC Audio Level 6m2 4,500rms - $1,200 MAP iirc SSA Evil 3,250rms - $799 Shipped B2 Audio XC 3,000rms - $1,650 Online Warehouse Tantric Sounds SHD 5,000rms - $735 plus shipping Crossfire XSv2 2,000rms - $1,299 plus shipping Sonic Electronix AA SMD 3,500rms - $899.99 plus shipping (v2 coming soon)
  11. SacredTanakh

    Sacred's 1979 Bronco SSA Build

    Well my initial build at the moment is relatively complete, but of course I have future plans. Therefore Ill just post some pictures and you can comment and ask questions about the build if you wish. Ill add more pictures when I get back home, next week. Im thinking of doing fiberglass doors with an 8" mid, 6.5" mid, and a supertweet. Then add two more dcons, maybe ported maybe sealed, not sure.. If that doesnt do it for me, Im thinking SSA Icon 18s.
  12. I ordered 3 SSA dcon 12's that should be here soon. I am putting the subs in a t-line box and I am wondering if there is a particular break in for the subs. With all of my other subs, I have just kept the volume low for about a week and then crank it up. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks
  13. Hello all. I am new here as you can tell. I am almost done with my first actual build. I am waiting on the subs. I just ordered 3 DCON 12's and I will be putting them in a t-line box that I am building and I also designed. The rest of my system and electrical is already done
  14. Infinite913

    The SSA Yukonvict XL edition

    Here we are peoples. The build some of you are waiting for.................. This will be a three phase style build. I will be competing Street Stock at first, then I will switch up to SS NW, the SS 3-4 for the DBdrag sanction. We have here a 2003 Yukon XL that has been Deemed(by me) the SSA YUKONVICT. ^^^^^^^^^ LAST SEASON New Season - New Truck Gotta get them Stock boys off there Much better but needs new tires Those are for the Winter Stock tires the Deuces will get them over winter for summer Much better than Stock radio with the tape player Holy intake Batman Gotta have the Juice! But what about the Alternator to charge it That needs to be cleaned up but thats enough for now lets go have fun!
  15. Looking for a box design for my 12" GCON. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  16. hairyunicorn

    6 SSA DCON 15's Walled/92 Chevy

    This is my truck with 6 SSA DCON 15's running on a crescendo BC3500
  17. ok so im designing a box for two 12 inch xcons, ported going into my 2007 scion tc(Hatchback). Right now i have a decent box but its time for a rebuild. My box right now is 40.5 inches wide, 20 inches deep, and 17 inches high behind the rear seats. Its tuned at about 29-31 htz(not too sure). It does a 143.7 on the meter sealed up on the glass. No deadening, no beauty panels. But my concern is that my port is an Lport on the drivers side, it only goes halfway across the box so one woofer is above the port and the other is not. Im worried that the sub above the port is loading off of it and the other is not. If it is i want to fix this, so a rebuild is underway. It has been almost a year with this box so i might as well. What i want to know is, what is the best placement of the port and woofer? Sub up/port back? Sub back/ Port back? Sub forward/port forward? sub up/ port sidefiring? Sub forward/ port sidefiring? Sub back/Port sidefiring? Im using winisd to help design it and also using google sketch up. I am going to be putting two 12 inch xcons D1 woofers on about 2400 rms(soon to be ALOT more tho) What amount of port area do i need for the enclosure? will be updating this thread with more info as i go, along with shit loads of questions. Also going to design each enclosure and post a pic from sketchup of it along with specs, so i can get some sense of confirmation. kinda doing this to see if a better design will put up a better number. still with no deadening and no beauty paneling. Then will add beauty panels and test again, then remove it all and deaden the shit out of the car and see what it does. IDK why i wanna do that, jus kinda curious i guess.
  18. So I installed my new 12" xcon last week and I could not get it to seal up against the baffle. Tried 3 times. Upon taking off the gasket i found the gasket had a tear in the seam and after really looking it over I found the basket is warped/bent in the upper right side. I can't seem to find any sort of tech support for SSA, but I don't wanna try to fix it myself unless I know I can't get it fixed under warranty. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  19. Hi i'm somewhat new to this forum. I have a 2003 Dodge Dakota Quad cab (crew cab) and am trying to decide with the space I have what setup will give me the best result. I'm really looking for Sound Quality and getting super low with loudness a given as either should get more than loud enough for me. The vehicle will be a DD but will also be a show vehicle/ demo for my installs, maybe a couple competitions if i can find some.The largest dimensions I have to work with are 24" tall, 30" wide and 32" deep. (could maybe go an inch more on height if it would make a big difference in sound. According to RE box calculator I have 8.09 cubic feet after port displacement but without sub displacement. my port would be 3.5" wide and would be an L style port with the back length of 12" . Tuning would be about 28hz but would be a little higher after sub displacement. If I went with the 2 15" Icons I would have the port and one sub facing up and one facing forward. (is this a bad idea?) Or one 18" zcon with port up and sub up? Amp would be a Crescendo BC2000D. Looking to purchase all in a day or so, just want to know if I will notice a huge difference in two 15" icons over 1 18" Zcon as its almost $200 more? had experience with quite a few brands but never SSA. I appreciate your opinion and experience/ comments Thanks, Codester
  20. I just finished installing my SSA Carbon Fiber Convex Dust Cap and I am really impressed by the way it looks. I have not taking a listen yet, though I'm sure there won't be any audibel difference. Here are a few photos I have taken. Here is a overview of both caps side by side Here you can that the original cap is "taller". Not exactly sure how this will affect anything. In this picture, it is very hard to see, but I place the new cap over on top of the other, to show that the new cap's "flanged" is just a hair bit longer. In this photo, you can see some bubbles in the crease around the cap before the flange begins. In this photo, pretty hard to see, but really really close up, you can see these "scratches"? I'm not exactly sure where this is from lol. But you have to be really close to see. In this photo, you can see all of its sexyness In this photo, you can see one of the problems I ran into. When removing the original cap, whats left is the glue's residue? I'm not sure what to call it, but it leaves two O-type rings around the former. When trying to lay down the New cap, it would not sit flat or flush. So I was forced to chip away with a small flat head screw driver on the outer ring. The inner ring seems a bit more permanent. Here is the epoxy I just picket up from Lowe's. Seems to work really well. It got real stinky real fast. In this photo, you can see the outter ring chiped away. And here is it installed I got a bit messy This was my first time every doing this, but atleast its clear, so it doesn't look too too bad. Cosmetically though, this looks aMAZEing. Also, I will note that the cap I recieved, did not flush with the cone. It seems that the cone, and the flang are formed at two different angles. Not too too much difference, but enough to not look flush. So I had to use a little bit more glue, and push down as much as I could to try and make sure there is no gaps in between the connection of the cap and the cone. The original cone does seem a bit more "solid" for the lack of term. Like, the original cap is a hard plastic, you could knock on the back of the cap, and it would make a decent "thund". But the new cap, like, I could push it in? If that makes sense. I've never personally handled Carbon Fiber, so I don't know what to expect. Maybe bend but never break kind of thing? lol. It is extremely light though! So overall, I am pleased with this product and would definately purchase more in the future. Thank you very much SSA and Duran for allowing to me purchase another amazing top notch quality item
  21. I just finished up with my install: 2) 12" D2 GCONS in a DC-Creations Sealed Enclosure, all installed in a 2012 Volkswagen GLI running from the factory fender audio system to a LC2i LOC and Kicker ZX1000.1 Amp w/ KnuKonceptz Kolossus Flex 0 ga kit. GCONS: Visually: I placed my order and received the speakers about 25-30 days later, just like the guys @ SSA said. Between the heavy foam surround, to the huge magnet, to the frame, they look SICK. Looks wise, I can't complain, the build quality seems to be great; real heavy duty shit here. When I bought my kicker amp from the car audio shop around the block, the guy I dealt with asked what I was running for subs. So I showed him... His eyes light up and he says, "SSA... never heard.. WOW! Those look SERIOUS!" DC Creations: Build Quality: I ordered a stage-one sealed enclosure with the flush mounting option, built to the max dimensions of my vehicle. The enclosure is around 1.3 - 1.35 ft^3 per speaker. Received it in the expected time-frame with no issues. Build quality is awesome and I really liked the way the guys at DC wired up the box for me; 2 runs of heavy gauge wiring shrink tubed right to the terminals. It was basically plug and play. The enclosure was built like a brick shit house compared to one my old prefabbed enclosures. No comparison there. Fitment: The GCONS slipped right into the flush mount face, wired right up, VERY EASY. It was perfect in all aspects. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Performance: Overall the installation went well; getting all the LC2i and ZX1000.1 adjustments were a pain but I finally have then fine-tuned and I couldn't be happier. This was my first sealed enclosure so I really wasn't expecting much in the area of loudness (compared to my Kicker L7s in a ported enclosure), especially running off the factory head-unit. Honestly - I'm impressed in all aspects of their performance (Enclosure and Subs). They get low, they get high, they're punchy and most importantly, they're really clean and tight; I don't understand why it took me this long to go sealed. Loudness - Unless you're competing, I can't see ever needing any more SPL than this. My car has a sunglass compartment that pops down from the headliner. When I turn up the volume - it flies open and my sunglasses fall on the floor... Every time.... Its really impressive. The rear-view mirror doesn't move around in circles like I've seen in some SPL videos but it shakes a LOT -the same goes for my side-view mirrors. A friend of mine runs a pair of 12" Alpine Type-Rs @ 600-700W each in a sealed enclosure; All I'll say is this - every time I see him now, he asks me to trade. The Type-Rs get pretty damn hot, pretty damn quickly. I'm not sure that I'd feel comfortable running them hard for any longer than 15-20 minutes at a clip. Last night I took a 2-3 hour road-trip running my GCONS pretty damn hard (safely of course). I felt the cones out of curiosity - BARELY WARM after 3 hours in a SEALED BOX @ 550-600W Each. Overall: Although they were only around 200 bucks each, I'm not sure that I'd call the GCON a budget subwoofer. The only thing budget is the price. I can only imagine how loud these would be in a ported enclosure from DC-Creations. 2 THUMBS UP AND HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Will try to get some GoPro videos up this weekend.
  22. emh9009

    CRX part deux with Gcons

    I'm in the process of completely changing the crx's build so I decided to start a new build log. The old one can be found here: http://www.soundsolu...1-honda-crx-si/ The last thing I did in the build was add the new second amp rack with the LEDs under both amps (which I have yet to get a decent photo of, Sefugi). From there I was just so used to everything and was starting to compete in some comps and with a local in town. First thing that needed to be done was a new front stage, again. Pre ordered the Sundown Audio Neo Pro 6.5" mids with some infinity tweets. Found a great deal on an Alpine 9887 and grabbed that up quick. Before: After: Before: After:
  23. i9z4real@yahoo.com

    WTB: two 12" or 15" DCON D4

    Looking to buy either two 12 inch or 15 inch DCON D4's whether in enclosure or not
  24. I have a 1989 chevy caprice i want to build a box in the trunk any ideas of what type of box also i would like to get at least 4 xs batterys any ideas on group size or type xp series or D. (Will get more batterys if needed) 4 12" ssa zcon d2 2 CRESCENDO BC5500D 220AMP ALTENATOR