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Found 2 results

  1. cloud77

    Team AA subs

    I haven't really seen much about this woofer. Anyone have experience with them? T/s parameters? Enclosure specs? 4th order friendly? I might trade my favorite motor to play with one =\
  2. I am looking for advice on which 12" sub to buy, at the moment I am looking between the 12W7 and the 12" AA Havoc. Unfortunately, quality subs are fairly rare here in Australia, so I haven't listened to either (have listened to W6 and liked the sound of it). My current situation is a 10" Polk MM, mounted in a custom box I built, sitting on the center of the rear seats (in an Isuzu pickup truck so very limited space) but I will build a bigger box for the 12" and place it on the seat behind the drivers seat. For me to import either from the US will make the price very much the same, so that isn't really a major factor. I am open to suggestions of other subs too, around this league but I would also prefer to not go much over the 1200W RMS. I listen to basically anything with heavy bass and some dubstep depending on the mood hahah. Cheers