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Found 29 results

  1. Okay guys these are two Dual Two Ohm DVC 12'' SSA XCON's with custom carbon fiber caps for added strength less than six months old with literally less than a weeks worth of total play time. Reason i am selling them is because honestly they are far too damn loud for me to be used on the daily lmao. They get VERY loud and VERY low!!! Speakers alone can be had for $800 shipped to your door. Box was custom built to the exact optimal specs for both subs by Dave the Box Guy himself and can be had with speakers for $1,000 or alone on its own for $200 (a mere FRACTION of what i paid) but you must pay for shipping on it and it ain't gonna be cheap. Any additional questions or concerns please feel free to PM me. Also i do have a Crescendo BC3500D for sale on here in another thread currently just FYI:D
  2. Hi guys I was wondering whether standard polyurethane or a UV activated resin would be better for applying directly to MDF wood in order to protect it from the elements of rain ice and snow basically is one product more durable or reliable than another with respect to weather-proofing wood thanks
  3. SoundQubed

    Atrend Enclosures *Promo Inside*

    Our partners over at Atrend USA are offering up a sweet deal on all SoundQubed enclosures for the month of February. 15% off any enclosure Start Date 2/9/2015 - End Date 2/16/2015 PROMO CODE: https://atrendusa.com/soundqubed
  4. boxbuildshoutout


    Hello everyone I would like to start by saying I have no intention of breaking or bending any site or community rules here so pls forgive me if I do that is not my intention. I am here to share my personal experience with cherrymancustoms who has built me an extremely personalized and truly custom enclosure to meet the needs of my particular listening goals. This man has spent literally countless hours over-the-phone speaking with me one on one in an attempt to maximize my enclosure design and has built what I consider to be a very good quality box. I have attached images for your own viewing and judgement below. His website is www.cherrymancustoms.com/ where he has a phone number listed for you to contact him if you so choose to do. He also has a YouTube account and forum thread over at caraudio.com I plan on again encouraging him to create an account here so he can communicate with you guys easily and share all of his work here locally with the community. FYI this box was built with an adjustable internal volume and adjustable tuning plus it is "double walled" everywhere from top to bottom and side to side. It features some serious bracing too. For any of you looking for someone to build and create exactly what you have in mind or rather those of you who need somebody to help you determine what would be best for your needs I strongly encourage you to give this man a chance he is super friendly, knowledgeable and hard-working as you can see. Best of wishes to everyone here hope some of you may find this information to be of good use.
  5. matj1990

    box for a 10" xcon

    2012 focus sedan. currently running a prefab decent but cheap box ..in its current position metered 138 @ 37hz sealed on the windshield. fired the box forward today and noticed it wasn't half as loud this tells me my positioning is right for this car. So my question is do you think this box is working well or should i build a new box different specs i don't compete but i like loud and low this setup is pretty good for a single 10 but i think there is room for improvement would like some opinions/box ideas my max dimensions are going to be around W x H x D 30x14x27 to easily be able to fit through trunk opening which is a must as it needs to be removable when i DJ Also like to mention i prefer aero ports !! specs are as follows (W x H x D): 30" x 13-1/2" x 16" (net. int.): 2.0 cubic feet 1-1/4" Reinforced MDF front baffle 2.0 ft^3 slot-port tuned @ 32Hz
  6. GarrettHarvey

    Amp and box measures for 2 HDS2 12

    Getting two hds212s and wanna know what amp to get(sq brand) , and if i should get dual 2 ohm or dual 4 ohm. And if youve done this build, what are the box measures
  7. Hello jw if box rise is influenced whatsoever by the number of amplifiers used in a system set up or if it is essentially the same regardless of how many amplifiers are used to power a set of drivers
  8. ObTechAudio

    Best Box for SPL Integra

    Alright, there has been a lot of discussion and I want your opinion! For an Integra, which is the best box for an all out SPL build? (and gets low) Wall behind the driver/passenger seatsSub up, port backSub up, port frontSub back, port backSub front, port front
  9. ObTechAudio

    Port Help for My HDC3 18"

    Hey guys, I am needing some direction or reassurance in what I'm doing with my port. This is my first time working with an 18" sub and with SoundQubed equipment. According to soundqubed.com, the HDC3 18" wants a box anywhere from 5-6 cubes with a vent of 96sq" x 18" long. To me, that port seems odd. So I just got done designing my box. External dimensions are 25" x 25" x 26" but I'm using double sheets of .75 MDF, so each measurement take off 3". I calculate internal space at 22" x 22" x 23" = 11,132 inches = 6.44 cubes. Rough internal space after ONLY sub displacements is 6.4ish cubes. My desired tuning frequency is 31-32hz, because the fs of this sub is 31hz. So, I designed my port on both WinISD and CarStereo.com at 3" x 16" and 15.5" long. Both WinISD and CarStereo said with that size of box (6.3 cubes internal), port size (3 x 16 x 15.5), and tuning frequency (31-32hz), I should have zero problem. After all displacements, I'll roughly have an internal space of 5.95 cubes, which is EXACTLY what I wanted. I'm asking you guys, because it's not what soundqubed suggests and that's what worries me. I want you guys to check out what I'm doing and see if it all looks good to go. I appreciate any insight or feedback.
  10. Jacob Eshack


    From the album: zv.4

    Pics of my zv.4 box I rhino lined.
  11. Whiteboydiesel

    A ported box

    I have an 08 silverado crew cab, I just bought 4 sd-2 10" shallow mounts and I need to build a 4 cubic foot ported box. I took my backseat out for now so it doesn't have to be complicated, and I am powering them with a saz2500, and if you know anyone that can build a box so I can put the seat back in that would be great too.
  12. cloud77

    Fi Sp4 15" on 3k. enclosure?

    So I'll be running my SSA Zcon 12" on 3k for now until I get around to purchasing a recone for an sp4 motor I got in a trade. My problem is..I have a trunk car and limitations on box sizes. Depth and height are a problem for me. I have come to the conclusion that the biggest I can fit is an L port enclosure about 3.9-4 cubes. If I give it about 4 inches of port and still have net, will this enclosure server well to the sp4? I'll be running 3k @ the sp4. If not recommend what you all have experimented with.
  13. skip to about 9:30 to see them take apart the speaker box, or watch the entire video if you want a good laugh. I've never seen anything like this in my life. And I thought the chevelle that Meade fixed was bad LOL it does not compare to this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKH23bamIKU
  14. soslogeo

    Box calculator

    My 15 will be here today, and ive spent the last week drawing up designs but before i commit to any, does anyone have a more accurate box calc than Re.com? My friend used it and his came out nearly a 1/4 cubic foot bigger and tuned like 4~hz higher than what re box calc told him.
  15. handman84

    GCON Ported Box Design

    Have a 12" GCON in a sealed box. It sounds great but I am wanting more and I know the sub will give it to me if I can put it in the right enclosure. I used the ICON enclosure design for the sealed box it is in now, would the ICON ported design work well for the GCON as well? It falls into the optimal range, 2.5f^3 tuned to 33hz. It is a 2 ohm sub with 500 watts powering it in the trunk of a '96 accord. I have about 32" x 20" x 18" to work with. Anyone have any experience or recommendations for a ported box design that will work well with the GCON?
  16. handman84

    GCON Ported Box Design

    Have a 12" GCON in a sealed box. It sounds great but I am wanting more and I know the sub will give it to me if I can put it in the right enclosure. I used the ICON enclosure design for the sealed box it is in now, would the ICON ported design work well for the GCON as well? It falls into the optimal range, 2.5f^3 tuned to 33hz. It is a 2 ohm sub with 500 watts powering it in the trunk of a '96 accord. I have about 32" x 20" x 18" to work with. Anyone have any experience or recommendations for a ported box design that will work well with the GCON?
  17. industrial_vnz0

    DD 1512a and ap1500.1

    Greetings from Venezuela. This is my first topic in the forum and it's my first serious work on my car. so I would love for their opinions and to clarify my doubts. I have a pair of DD subwoofer amplified ap1500.1 1512th and the great problem I have with the box because I get 4 cubic feet net excluding subwoofer or the port, including low I get 3 cubic feet net internal excluding Port and I believe that less than 1.75 feet low with 1500 rms not going to pay anything.
  18. Hello there! If you clicked this thread it is because you are considering making a thread asking about a box design! (Or you are wondering, what's this thread about?) Well I am here today to help you and make your box designing dreams become a reality! Follow these 4 easy steps to correctly pose the question "Is this a good design for a box?" By following these steps other members will be able to better assist you in your goals! STEP 1 (Research): Research! Hop on Google and find your manufactures recommendations for the enclosure. Go up in the search bar of this fine forum and search! You will be surprised to find that someone has probably already asked "How good is sub xxx tuned to 34 hz?" And whats awesome is if you do some snooping you can see if they made a build thread, and then find out how well their plan turned out! You can even PM the person and get their opinions on how it turned out! that's the best part of an online community. STEP 2 (Answer "The List"): Check out this cool list below! These are the type of questions that people are going to ask about your box design goals when you make a thread! So have them ready up front! Copy and paste this list to your new thread and fill in the blanks! If you are not sure on an answer simply put a question mark (" ? ") in that space! That way members will be able to provide the best answers for your questions! (See something I should add? PM Me please!) The list: Vehicle : Location in the vehicle: Space available (Length x Width x Height): Subwoofer make and model: Subwoofer Size: Number of Subwoofers: Type of Port (Kerfed, Slot, Aero, etc.): What type of music do you like?: Is your goal SPL or Everyday Music?: Tuning Freq (Hz): Volume : Questions: STEP 3 (Make a good thread title): Now that you have your list filled out go ahead and make a thread, but I strongly encourage you to put as much info about your design in the thread title. This is a VERY IMPORTANT step! By putting information about the thread you are making in the thread title someone will be able to much more easily search for your thread! And not only that more people are likely to respond to your thread as they will be like: "Oh an Fi BTL, I had one of those, I''m gonna help this dude out!" Here is my recommendation for a format of your thread title: Recommended Thread Title: Design Questions for : (Subwoofer Size) (Subwoofer Manufacturer) (Subwoofer Series) in (Cubic Volume) (@Tuning Freq) Enclosure Here is a sample using the above format: "Design Questions for 12" Fi BTL in 2.5 Cubic Ft @ 34 Hz Enclosure" Trust me, if you take the time to have a good thread title, it will attract much more interest and help! Again, if you don't know the freq you want to use or any other part of the tile just leave it out! For love of all that is holy DO NOT make a thread title "Box help" Thread titles like that are the devil! STEP 4 (Do more research!): As the answers start rolling in keep researching! There are plenty of useful tools out their for designing! Part of the fun of this whole hobby is learning how to do things! Then you can impress your friends and make boxes for others! LEARN LEARN LEARN! These videos are just a sample of what you can find on youtube that may help! I hope you enjoyed this thread! With these steps you are on your way to getting accurate answers to your questions from the members of this forum! And not only that you are bettering the forum by allowing information to be more easily found! Take care and stay loud!
  19. rhconcepts

    INPUT NEEDED 2 12" Fi BL burp box

    Hey guys, I just want to get some input on a burp box for 2 12" BL's fully loaded. This will be for a cross over and running 1000 or 2000 watts. Right now the system is up to 148.4 on 1800 watts with a some what music box. What I want to do is build the burp box so the subs are back and the port on the side. The info and input I need is the size of the box and the size of the port. Im 99% set on using a aeroport and was thinking 8" but would 8" be to small? Some people say the box needs to be big like 5 cubes and some say small like 3 cubes. So im a bit lost on where to start lol.
  20. ok so im designing a box for two 12 inch xcons, ported going into my 2007 scion tc(Hatchback). Right now i have a decent box but its time for a rebuild. My box right now is 40.5 inches wide, 20 inches deep, and 17 inches high behind the rear seats. Its tuned at about 29-31 htz(not too sure). It does a 143.7 on the meter sealed up on the glass. No deadening, no beauty panels. But my concern is that my port is an Lport on the drivers side, it only goes halfway across the box so one woofer is above the port and the other is not. Im worried that the sub above the port is loading off of it and the other is not. If it is i want to fix this, so a rebuild is underway. It has been almost a year with this box so i might as well. What i want to know is, what is the best placement of the port and woofer? Sub up/port back? Sub back/ Port back? Sub forward/port forward? sub up/ port sidefiring? Sub forward/ port sidefiring? Sub back/Port sidefiring? Im using winisd to help design it and also using google sketch up. I am going to be putting two 12 inch xcons D1 woofers on about 2400 rms(soon to be ALOT more tho) What amount of port area do i need for the enclosure? will be updating this thread with more info as i go, along with shit loads of questions. Also going to design each enclosure and post a pic from sketchup of it along with specs, so i can get some sense of confirmation. kinda doing this to see if a better design will put up a better number. still with no deadening and no beauty paneling. Then will add beauty panels and test again, then remove it all and deaden the shit out of the car and see what it does. IDK why i wanna do that, jus kinda curious i guess.
  21. Hey guys I have a Fi BL 15" fully loaded woofer on the way. I will be building my box very soon here. I'm going to be running a Sundown 1500 D amp to it. I will listen mostly to low HZ rap or bass songs. I am looking for 32 HZ. Few questions: - Can someone give me some measurements for a ported box that is meant specifically for a BL 15" with 1500 RMS going to it? - I have read that this sub woofer recommends a 3-5 cu ft box. Does leaning towards 5 cu ft box have any benefits in SPL? -Any internal box bracing necessary with 3/4 " MDF wood? - Any cotton material necessary inside the box? Thank you
  22. TreezNSteez

    which box for SPL?

    making a custom enclosure for two sundown sa12's. which would be the best box for them? no dimensions yet, not quite sure how to calculate the volume of a ported box. --obviously the port is not to scale with the rest of the box, just gives an idea-- i felt i could draw them out better than explain them, even though they are the common boxes. feedback? suggestions? everything helps.
  23. Hi, So I just placed a big order for my dream system off of SSA, consisting of 2 15" SSA Icons, a Crescendo BC2000D, XS2700 and stickers, The subs will be going in a Dodge Dakota Quad Cab, I will be removing two seats in the rear and have dimensions of 22" H, 30" W by 34" deep. Ill be getting DC to design me a box, just wondering what tuning I should ask for and where to put port if subs are on the top plane? I want something fairly balanced SQ to SPL but more to SQ side definitely. Love hitting the Lows hard and want to push lots of air. (if possible) Mostly looking for tuning recommendations for those subs in a cabin like the Dakotas, and also port placement, Thanks,
  24. stiffler style

    Critique one sa-12 box design

    Hi, I would like some thoughts on my box design. From what I've calculated, the numbers work. I'm tuning to 35 hz. The colors are to distinguish the different panels. Also, please disregard the different thickness of the walls. I didn't want to have to build the box again just to make the thickness right. The curved corners are to represent where I will kerf. http://i.imgur.com/01zoy.png It is 15" x 22" x 16"(outside). Thanks
  25. trenthonda1

    Need help tuning a box

    My setup is gonna be 1 Fi audio BL 15" dual 2 ohms. what should i tune my box to so i get maxim SPL!!!