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Found 11 results

  1. ManzKea

    Ford ranger blow through

    Hey guys manzkea back at it again! Lol. Finally got some equipment in. Excited to finally get this project I’ve had in mind for a while rolling . Gonna attempt a blow through in my single cab 2001 ford ranger long bed. Gonna make pods for the doors to house the 6.5s and replace the stock one with a 6.5 or if possible an 8” driver. All powered off the ssa ic150.4. As for subs I’ll be using a 15” sp4 v2 I got from a friend for a deal. A taramps 5k will be used to push it. Unfortunately the evil mids I wanted was unavailable in 4ohms. So I went with these prvs. Well I’ll I’ll be updating this as I get it going. Possibly next week or so, really busy with work at the moment. Well here’s a pic of some goodies the mail man dropped off. Cheee. Btw got something extra special in those two ssa looking boxes behind the ranger gear. But that’s on the back burner at the moment.
  2. Hellaflush73

    Any FI audio coupon codes???

    Does anybody have or know of any FI audio coupon codes? Currently trying to purchase the new FI q neo 12 wondering if there was a chance I could save my self some money hahaha thanks.
  3. So the time has come to purchase a new subwoofer. I have been using a Rockford P3 for the last couple months and loved it but decided it was about time to move up in the world of the bassheads. I have a really hard time deciding on the simplest of things and thats why im posting here to try and get help on deciding. i by no means mean this to be a "VS" thread. just need a push in the "right" direction. so the 3 subs im tryin to decide on are: -Ascendant Audio Mayhem 15 -Fi Audio SP4 15 -DC Audio level 4 15 ill be running it on one of the Hifonics mt. olympus series amps (the one that best fits the particular subs RMS rating, of course) the sub will be put in a custom made 4 cubic feet of airspace ported box tuned to 32hz in an extended cab truck any and all advice will be appreciated. thanks!
  4. Connor6063

    New From Jacksonville, FL

    Hey, Im new here. Im a Business Major at UNF in Jacksonville. Im pretty inexperienced with car audio but always looking to learn more. I joined because im interested in getting some FI Audio subs. When you click the forum link on there sites it leads to SSA so i figured it would be the best place to get some info.
  5. Jaquarius Fatdaddy Jenkins

    where is my order #1100 @#1101

    It's been bout a week now I haven heard anything bout my subs and recone when are they going to be shipped
  6. Vehicle :2002 nissan frontier crewcab Location in the vehicle:back seat Space available (Length x Width x Height):26x50x31 Subwoofer make and model:fi bl Subwoofer Size:18 Number of Subwoofers:2 Type of Port (Kerfed, Slot, Aero, etc.):aero What type of music do you like?:rap Is your goal SPL or Everyday Music?:everyday Tuning Freq (Hz):32-36 Volume :around 19ish i think i am building a box for my truck i am taking the backrest out of the backseat to make some more room the dimensions are with it out i want to do subs either facing forward or up and the ports down the middle facing forward but i need help with how to tune the box with aerports i want around 14cuft of airspace and i have around 19 to work with if i did the math right if anyone could help i would really appreciate it!
  7. rowdyful7

    fi bl vs aq hdc3

    i have a fi bl 18 with the hyperpole and flatwind coils and i want to get loud but deep loud not a high tuned loud so would any one like to share there opinion on if i should get another fi or get 2 aq hdc3 18s and sell my fi or does any body have any other suggestions to get
  8. Stihlman9

    2 Q's in a box (help)

    Hey guys! I am currently planning what i think (IMHO) what will be a pretty cool build but i have a few questions. Background: i currently have 1 fi Q12 loaded 2011 model running on a hifonics brutus 1700watt amp in a box that is too small so here is what im planning to do... The Plan: i would like to custom build a box to hold two fi q 12s. right now, its about 4 cuft ported and tuned to 32hz. i can provide tech specs if y'all need but i dont think its necessary for this post. The Question: I know fi came out with new models for 2012, and i know that running 2 different subs in the same box is a bad idea, so... will i have a problem running my 2011 q in a box with a 2012 q? Or do i need to sell my 2011 and buy two new 2012s? Both subs will, of course, be receiving identical signal from identical amps. THANK YOU to all who reply as your advice is greatly appreciated!
  9. trenthonda1

    Need help tuning a box

    My setup is gonna be 1 Fi audio BL 15" dual 2 ohms. what should i tune my box to so i get maxim SPL!!!
  10. I was trying to spec out a large enclosure car audio build. I am working in the range of greater than 13ft^3, but less than 14ft^3(depending on speaker displacement and thickness of mounting. I am unable to respec the box dimensions. I was wondering if this box would be capable of working with two IB315's or if this is too little of a volume for proper operation. I am looking at a QTC of between .735 and .75 depending on just how much space I lose to sub, sound proofing, and wood displacement(not sure if this calculation would stay the same with two subs sharing the same volume?). My desire for an IB setup is low power requirement needs, and using the box as built. Thanks for any info.